Developing a Mass Building Chest Routine

As a strong and prominent muscle in the body, the chest is a classic focal point in bodybuilding and weightlifting endeavors.  If you are training to gain some real mass in your chest, it is important to be aware of exercises to accomplish this.  Utilize the following five exercises in your next chest routine to see results.

Incline Bench Press

The incline version of the bench press is more effective for overall pectoral development.  It especially targets the upper pectoral region, which is not always an emphasis for beginning lifters.  Begin with this exercise before the flat bench so your upper pectoral muscles receive stimulation.

Bench Press

As the most popular exercise for the chest, especially among beginning weight builders, the bench press is a standard of chest strength for many.  It's also a great exercise for building muscle mass.  Make sure you are properly warmed up due to possible torn pectoral muscles and rotator cuff damage.

Incline Dumbbell Fly

The movement featured in this exercise is great for the pectoral/deltoid tie-in area and for the stabilizer muscles in the chest.  It can also be effective for the biceps/shoulder/pectoral tie-in area.


The vertical angle of the dips, as opposed to the horizontal nature of the bench press exercises, is the reason why dips are great as building mass overall.  The entire chest is targeted without neglecting the shoulders and triceps at the same time

Dumbbell Pullovers

Full chest stimulation is achieved with the dumbbell pullovers.  It targets areas of the front of the body in addition to the serratus and the entire pectoral region.

Try to integrate these exercises into your next weightlifting routine for your chest for mass building purposes.  Remember to warm up and experiment with weight values and reps before seriously training.  Consult a doctor before beginning such a regimen, or if you have conditions which may place you at risk of injury.


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