Kettlebell Exercises

Kettlebell exercises are a great way to develop total body strength. If you are looking to use kettlebell training methods, here are a few exercises to emphasize the explosive power utilized in kettlebell training.  Like any workout, but especially with the explosive movements used with the kettlebell, you need to warmup and stretch.

Kettlebell Cleans
This exercise involves bringing both kettlebells explosively off the ground, using a similar mechanic to picking up something heavier (i.e. keep back straight). As you lift the kettlebells to their highest point from the legs and torso, pull them with your arms. Then try to bring them up towards your chest, with your hands ending at your shoulders.

Single Arm Kettlebell Row
Keep your back straight and knees bent, and stand with your feet as wide as your hip. With your opposite hand (that is not lifting) you may support yourself. Lift the kettlebell straight up to your shoulder, similar to a bicep curl but with your palm facing the ground.

Alternating Floor Press
While laying down on your back, alternate both hands raising the kettlebells. They should extend straight outwards and up. The trunk should slightly rotate when pressing up.

Kettlebell Front Squat
With the kettlebells in each hand and at your shoulders, perform a squatting motion. Your knees should stay over your feet.

Single Arm Kettlebell Jerk
Begin standing with one kettlebell at ear level. Squat approximately 1/4 down and then press the kettlebell upwards so that your arm is completely extended. The movement should be explosive.

Kettlebell Swing
In a bentover stance, hold one kettlebell between your legs. Swing it slightly backwards and then forwards to chest level with a great deal of force.

Kettlebell Windmill
While standing, one kettlebell should be extended in one hand above your head. The other kettlebell should rest in the other hand, hanging down in a neural position. Bend at the hips to raise and lower each kettlebell to complete a repetition.


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