Pushup Variations

As one of the best exercises for the chest, pushups are a great exercise and require no special equipment.  If you are enjoying the benefits of your pushup routine or integration into your chest routine, there are additional forms of pushups to try. They are especially helpful for increasing the difficulty and intensity. Some variations are great for targeting certain areas of the chest and beyond.

Wide Grip Pushup
The wide grip pushup places an emphasis on the inner chest muscles. Perform this by placing your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

Close Grip Pushup
This variation places more emphasis on the triceps than any other pushup form. With your thumbs and index fingers, form a diamond shape and then perform a pushup as normal.

Incline Pushup
Place your hands on a bench or some stable surface which is higher than your feet. The incline pushup will target your upper chest muscles more effectively than the normal pushup position.

Decline Pushup
Place your feet on a higher surface, such as a bench or stable chair. The increased weight will increase difficulty. Additionally, your lower chest muscles are targeted in this variation.

Clapping Pushup
As one of the most advanced pushups, this requires clapping at the height of the pushup while your body is in mid-air. This movement requires pushing yourself off of the ground (in respect to your upper body) and catching yourself on the way down, with a clap in between. It can cause injury; use this with caution.

One Hand Pushup
Along with the clapping pushup, the one hand pushup is one of the most difficult pushup exercises available. To perform this variation, one hand must be placed in the center in order to support your body. Again, this pushup is very advanced. Do not try this or the previous pushup unless you are able to perform the exercise.

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