Best Gear for Walking in the Rain

If walking is your main form of exercise and you don't want to relegate your daily exercise to the mall on a rainy day, then you need to get the best walking gear.

Start with a good pair of waterproof or water resistant shoes. You're likely to turn around quickly if your socks and shoes get soggy. Most sneakers aren't waterproof, but some block out more water than others, so consider that when you're choosing your walking gear. Even better, choose a pair of waterproof hiking boots to weather you through the storm.

Next, be sure to dress warmly. If you aren't putting on a rain suit from head-to-toe, your clothing could get wet, leaving you vulnerable for feeling cold. But that rain suit is probably the best idea. If you're going to walk in the rain frequently, consider investing in a pair of rain pants and a rain jacket that'll keep the showers out. When you're shopping, be sure to read the tags - some rain gear isn't actually waterproof. Taking that extra moment to check that detail will pay off if you plan to wear the gear in showers over a prolonged period of time.

Even though it's gray and stormy, you must keep your head up and dry if you're walking in the rain. If you're not wearing a raincoat with a hood (one with flaps on the side is the best), be sure to put on a rain hat. You'll want something that won't just cover your head, but also shield your face from raindrops.

If you're walking in a wide-open space, you might prefer an umbrella to stay dry. Since  you will probably be walking at a fair pace, a compact umbrella could leave your legs exposed to a lot of rain. It's best to choose a big golf umbrella. On city streets, hiking trails or with a group of people, however, think smaller; golf umbrellas in those conditions prove hazardous to others and can become cumbersome. 

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