Benefits of Lunges

Lunges are excellent lower body exercises, one of the few lower body exercises that will bring you to muscle failure and truly help you get your gluts, hamstrings and quads into shape quickly and effectively. Lunges are also convenient since you can do them anywhere, anytime. Work lunges into your training program for a mega-effective way to shape, tone and strengthen your lower body.

Lunge Walking
This exercise is perfect for spicing up a walking routine. After you've warmed up by walking or jogging for 10 minutes or so, start to lunge walk.

Step forward into a deep lunge, allowing yourself to sink as low as possible, making sure your knee does not fall forward over your ankle. You will need to step forward quite a bit to get the form correct. Pull your hind leg forward and into a second lunge, effectively walking while doing continuous lunges. Lunge walk for 30 steps, then straighten up and walk or job as you do normally for a good minute or 2. Lunge walk for another 30 steps, then walk or jog for 2 minutes. Finish out with one last set of 30 lunge walks, then cool down by walking the remainder of your workout. Get ready to feel it the next day!

Lunge and Kick Routine
You'll need a chair for this exercise. Stand next to your chair, with your hand on the back of the chair for stabilization. Step your left foot forward into a lunge, being careful not to let your knee fall over your foot. Sink deep into the lunge, then stand up and kick your right foot high into the air. Fall back into the lunge position and repeat 20 times. Switch legs and side of the chair, reposition and exercise opposing legs. Rest for a minute, then do 2 more sets of each side.

Lunges Using Resistance or Weights
If you want to speed up your results, add some weight or resistance to classic lunges. Place a resistance band around your legs so each lunge requires extra pushing of the muscles, or grasp light dumbbells in your hands and hold them at your sides as you do your stationary lunges. You can do both-the resistance band and dumbbells-at the same time if you really want a challenge.

Always make sure to stretch well after doing lunges. You don't want to risk a muscle pull or cramp.

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