Why Does Rest Make You Stronger

When thinking about building strong muscles, intense workouts consisting of cardio and weight lifting may come to mind. Have you ever thought rest can make you stronger? Taking a break from a routine of heavy lifting or pavement pounding allows your muscles to recuperate, which will actually boost your build. 

Cardio-Heavy Routines
When using cardio as a tool for weight loss, days of rest are very important. If you are overweight, your body may not be used to intensive daily exercise, so taking care not to stress it out is vital; otherwise, you will only feel sore and strained. Days of rest give your muscles the chance to become toned, which in turn will give you the results you want.

For those who use cardio as a means to stay fit, rest is still equally important. Allowing time for burning muscles to rejuvenate is going to make them more solid and less likely to pull or tear. If you are a lifelong runner or have been using cardio-intensive workouts for awhile, rest may still be useful to you. This doesn't mean you have to put yourself on bed rest if you ran five miles the day before, but do take it easy. A long, slow walk will be a good change-up for your muscles.

Weight-Lifting Routines
The best way to get strong arms and six pack abs is by lifting weights non-stop, right? Wrong! In reality, muscles grow bigger when you give them a rest. Don't do any free weight training for more than two days in a row.

If you are a true gym rat, switch up your routine - do upper body training one day, light cardio the next, lower body training, and then a day of rest. Alternating your workouts is going to give you better results. Ever see someone at the gym try to lift so much he hurts himself? Don't be that guy. Rest is not only going to build you bigger muscle, but it will allow for a better workout the next day, too. You can't lift the right way or at the capacity you desire if you are overworked or overstretched from prior workouts. Don't be afraid to take a day off. A little rest does a lot of good.

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