Top 10 Secrets to Aging Well

From the moment you were born, you began to age. As a child, you welcomed each birthday with enthusiasm. But you probably don't look forward to birthdays anymore, especially if you're older than 30. While time can't be stopped, the following top 10 secrets to aging well might help you look and feel younger longer.

1. Stop worrying.

Perhaps the most important advice is to stop worrying about aging. Not only is a worried face an unattractive face, too much worrying causes premature lines and wrinkles.

2. Get annual checkups.

Part of aging well involves regular medical checkups-not just an annual physical with your doctor, but also dental and eye examinations. If your eyesight is changing or fading, you probably squint. Squinting creases the skin around your eyes and can lead to wrinkles. A nice, white smile takes years off your age, while yellowed or missing teeth can add years.

3. Exercise regularly

Exercise is good for body and mind, but starting an exercise program without consulting a physician first can be hazardous. If you are planning on taking up aerobics, spinning, cycling or any kind of strenuous physical activity, get your heart checked first. Once you're in the clear, regular exercise will make for a strong heart, healthy lungs and good blood circulation.

4. Take up a sport

If home exercising or going to the gym is not for you, consider taking up a sport. Bowling, golf, swimming and tennis are excellent ways to stay active. Not only will your body benefit from the exercise, your mind will, too. Interacting with people is good for the soul. As you talk, laugh and get a little competitive, you'll feel yourself come alive again.

5. Follow a healthy diet.

As you grow older, adjusting your diet becomes more important if you want to age well. Discuss a diet plan with your doctor, find a qualified nutritionist or educate yourself. Cutting down on saturated fats will benefit your cholesterol level. Eating calcium-rich foods builds strong bones. Eating more fresh fruit and vegetables gives you all the vitamins and minerals your body needs, while fiber-rich foods will keep your intestines and colon functioning properly.

6. Watch your weight.

A healthy diet goes hand in hand with weight control. If you eat right, you'll benefit your health overall and won't have to worry about gaining extra pounds. Giving preference to lean meats such as chicken and turkey versus high-calorie, cholesterol-laden foods like burgers and bacon will reduce your chances for a heart attack or stroke.

7. Occupy your mind.

Spending a considerable amount of time in front of your TV isn't one of the top 10 secrets to aging well. Better ways to stimulate your mind are to read, take up a hobby or learn a new skill. If you don't feel like learning, maybe you can volunteer your time and impart your accumulated life knowledge to others.

8. Be positive.

There's power in positive thinking. Feeling negative about life and frequent worry can affect your skin and your health. Stress, real or imagined, can lead to heart palpitations, high blood pressure, ulcers and even constipation, to name a few.

9. Get enough sleep.

As people get older, insomnia often becomes a problem. Yet sleep is an important part of aging well. While you sleep, your brain cells regenerate and your skin cells repair themselves. A good night's sleep is vital to feeling your best.

10. Use quality facial products.

Last but not least, you have to put a little effort into aging well. A quality moisturizer feeds and protects your skin with ingredients it craves. A deep facial cleansing promotes a healthy glow that defies your age.

These top 10 secrets to aging well are positive steps in the right direction. You can also come up with a few secrets of your own!

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