Brain Exercises

Brain exercises can maintain a high level of brain activity, keep your knowledge base expanding and challenge your brain to think in new ways. The end result is that you may be able to keep your mind young. One of the nice things about brain exercises is that you can work your brain without computers or games. In fact, you can do brain exercises anywhere at any time.

Use Your Head
How do you see your thoughts? If you see in images, try making up stories in words. If you are a word person, try thinking in images. If you are not sure, practice both ways of thinking.

Think about alternative solutions to problems that you have. Use it as a brainstorming session. Realize that no matter how outrageous the solution, you are giving your brain a stretch.

Take On a New Language
Practice the language in your head. Note what you remember, what you can't remember and where you are unsure of your abilities. Remember your holes so that you can study them later. This not only helps you practice your new language, it tasks your memory to remember the language itself as well as what you need to review.

Use Your Senses
Most of us literally do not take the time to smell the roses. Close your eyes for a few minutes. Start using your other senses. What do you smell? What do you hear? Try to separate and identify smells and sounds as much as possible. A variation of the theme is to eat with your eyes closed. This will forces you to use your sense of touch as well as your sense of smell and taste. If you think that you will cheat, put on a blindfold.

Change It Up
We are creatures of habit. Habits do not require a lot of brainpower. Try using your right hand if you are a left handed person or vice versa for a giggle. If you have a "usual seat," sit someplace else. Not only will you feel different and perceive differently, those around you may too react differently, adding to your brain challenge. 

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