Games to Improve Your Memory

Seniors who practice memory-enhancing games can fight the onset of dementia and Alzheimer's. Whether you choose to partake in a memory match game, word memory game or any other variety of games to improve your memory, the game is sure to be fun and beneficial to your health. If you want to improve your mental alertness and retain your sharp memory, try engaging in some of these memory games.

Scrabble involves remembering and reconstituting words from a select number of lettered tiles. Because you must place the words in strategic places on the board, Scrabble challenges both the left brain and right brain as you pay attention to details, solve the puzzle and compete to gain points and block your opponent from scoring points. This game improves both short term and long term memory, and can be played with a partner or online.

Parcheesi is easy to learn and does not take a long time to play. It is available in the classic form or as a variation named Sorry or Trouble. This problem-solving game stimulates both your left and right brain and challenges your hand-eye coordination. Because it is so simple, you can easily play this game with grandchildren or even great grandchildren.

Mah Jongg
This classic Asian game can be played online or with partners. The tiles challenge you to use logic and memory of patterns, which will stimulate both sides of your brain.

Crossword Puzzles
Crossword puzzles challenge you to use both your long term and short term memory and force you to use logic to figure out what word is most appropriate for which spaces. Discouraged by how hard the crossword puzzles in the paper are?  Remember that Monday's crossword is usually the easiest and Sunday's is the most challenging. Consider allowing yourself to cheat from time to time and look up possible answers on your computer, since answering one question right can often trigger a landslide of right answers.

This number puzzle will challenge your sense of logic and your ability to organize facts, stimulating those neurons and sharpening your math, memory and logic skills. You can find Sudoku puzzles online, in the daily paper and in bookstores.

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Simple and effective memory exercises will keep your mind sharp as you grow older.

These tips on how to improve your memory challenge your brain, change your perspective and might help stave off age-related memory changes in later years. Start improving your memory today by trying one or all of the following exercises.

According to Diane Ackerman (An Alchemy of Mind - the Marvel and Mystery of the Brain) our brain is shaped a little like a loaf of French country bread, our brain is a crowded chemistry lab, bustling with nonstop neural conversations.
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