Simple and Effective Memory Exercises

If you're looking for memory exercises to improve your memory, you can find a range of memory games and tricks to learn online and in books. You can also make up your own memory exercises to perform throughout the day. Try to do one of these memory exercises each day to keep your memory sharp.

Name That Face
When you go to a party or meeting, decide to memorize as many new names as possible. With each person to whom you are introduced, try to connect the name to a characteristic or other memory link. For example, if you meet a woman named Nancy who has a big nose, think to yourself, "Nancy, nose." This will help you remember her name. As the event continues, challenge yourself to recite the names of the new faces. On your way home, see how many names you can still remember.

Name That Item
Go into a room of your house and look around the room. Leave the room and quickly write down as many of the items you can remember in the room as possible. Take your list back into the room and see how many items are really there. Challenge yourself to increase the number of items you can remember each time you play.

What's My Schedule?
At the beginning of the week, pull out a blank weekly schedule page. Fill in the blanks with any commitments you have that week, working from memory. Then go and check your schedule with the calendar and see how many things you got right or missed and make corrections.

What's Happening In the World Today?
Challenge yourself to a quiz after listening to the news. Write down the names of the people mentioned in the news that day, including names of celebrities, political figures and interest stories. Next to each name, write down a word or two that describes the topic of the news story. If you want, you can check your list with facts by checking online.

Important Data Recall
Once a week, challenge yourself to write out the important basic information of your life including your phone number, address, passwords, social security number, pin numbers, family names and any other significant information you need to remember at all times. Make sure you shred this paper when you're done to avoid identity theft.

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Want to improve your brain power? Challenge your mind, eat more fruits and vegetables and trade that morning latte for a pot of green tea.

Human memory changes as we age, but it is possible to learn how to adapt to those changes.

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These tips on how to improve your memory challenge your brain, change your perspective and might help stave off age-related memory changes in later years. Start improving your memory today by trying one or all of the following exercises.

According to Diane Ackerman (An Alchemy of Mind - the Marvel and Mystery of the Brain) our brain is shaped a little like a loaf of French country bread, our brain is a crowded chemistry lab, bustling with nonstop neural conversations.
What you do for your body, you also do for your brain. Diet, exercise and stress reduction can all help prevent memory loss provided you commit to practicing these lifestyle changes daily.
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