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Popular Articles
If your nose is always cold, it may indicate an underlying circulation or hormone issue that should be medically evaluated.
By Rebecca Mikulin
Are you curious about why ears turn red and hot? Get the facts about the most common causes of this phenomenon.
By Rose Clearfield
Water weight loss is not permanent.
By Diane Quinn
The history of Chinese herbs in medicine dates back about 3,000 years, when it emerged was a shamanistic type of healing that involved carved bone fragments used diagnostically by the Wu shaman. 
By Phebe Durand
The withdrawal symptoms associated with hydrocodone can be exceedingly unpleasant, but knowing what to expect may help ease the process.
By Rebecca Mikulin
How long is strep throat contagious? This highly contagious infection can wreak havoc on your health, but you can prevent it from spreading to others while you recover.
By Aysha Schurman
Is a dream just a dream, or is there a hidden meaning?
By Conny Manero
Many things can cause a burning in the stomach.
By Melanie Grimes
Now that trans fat has made all the health news channels, there are plenty of food places that are coming out with their new "0 trans fat" meals. What is trans fat and what can you do to limit your intake of them?
By Diane Quinn
What is a hernia? When should you be concerned about a hernia?
By Rachel Mork
Painful life experiences in life don't have to remain that way. With a proper attitude, something good can come of something bad.
By Kidgas .
Really effective fitness training includes more than merely committing to a workout. Follow these fitness training tips to maximize both your effort and your results.
By Rachel Mork
A blood test may also be used to eliminate the possibility of fatherhood.
By Minnie Chatterfield
The symptoms of a blood clot are often tricky to spot, but it is important to know what to look for in an attempt to prevent a serious health issue.
By Rachel Mork
Beets are a nutritional powerhouse that can bring all kinds of benefits to both your health and your love life.
By G. A. Sylverston
Omega-3 fatty acids are called essential fatty acids, which mean that it cannot be synthesized by the body and must result from the diet. The best source for this fatty acid is found in fish especially sardines, salmon and herring.
By Lauren Bove
Learn why people fart, why farts smell and why they make a noise.
By Philip Lop
While nutrition experts continue to battle over the best calcium supplement form, follow these tips to keep your bones strong and healthy.
By Rachel Mork
Strength training, also referred to as resistance training, is an essential part of a complete fitness routine. The benefits are many, ranging from enhanced health and improved physical appearance to injury prevention.
By CRK Summerfield
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