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Popular Articles
For how long is the flu contagious? Learn how long you will need to weather this health storm.
By Jennifer Maughan
Staying active is imperative for maintaining good health. Sometimes that active lifestyle leads to muscle strain or pain. Ibuprofen is a go-to in these moments.
By Lauren Bove
Looking for leg exercises that deliver results? Complete this simple leg strengthening routine every other day for results you can see.
By Rachel Mork
If you need to learn how to get rid of a bladder infection, this primer will give you the basic know how for quick relief.
By Rachel Mork
If you want to get the most nutrition out of your diet, proponents for eating raw foods say that you've been cooking the benefits right out of your meals each day.
By Rachel Mork
The symptoms of osteoporosis do not often become abundantly clear until it's too late, but you can keep an eye out for the very first signs if you know what to look for.
By Laura Evans
Keep track of your achievements to feel better about yourself.
By Conny Manero
Reasons your eyelid is swollen include allergy, infection, conjunctivitis, herpes or kidney disorder.
By Christy Birmingham
Learn the facts about bee stings, and what to do if you are stung by a bee.
By Marie Lorraine
Toning abdominal muscles might seem impossible, but you can firm up your abs with little more than determination, commitment and proper form.
By Aysha Schurman
Can you feel a blood clot form? How do you know if it's a blood clot or nothing serious at all? What should you do if you suspect you have a blood clot? 
By Rachel Mork
Metabolic syndrome describes a group of health risks that related to metabolism, including carrying fat in the abdomen, high LDL and low HDL cholesterol levels, and high triglycerides that may lead to coronary heart disease and insulin resistance resulting in Type 2 diabetes.
By Jolie Root
Are you constipated? Try something natural instead. Natural laxatives are a great alternative to harsher laxatives.
By Katherine Huether
Knowing the causes of a brain aneurysm will help you prevent them. Learn about the link between high blood pressure and ruptured aneurysms and find out what you can do to live with this condition.
By Rachel Mork
Cholesterol levels can be lowered by reducing or eliminating your intake of foods that contain it, but also by consuming a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteins that naturally help the body to lower bad cholesterol and raise the good.
By Rachel Mork
Fire ant bites leave itchy stinging reminders of an unfortunate encounter with these critters. Learn how to treat these bites as quickly-and comfortably-as possible.
By Aysha Schurman
Sometimes all it takes is a word of encouragement.
By Conny Manero
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