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Popular Articles
Here are some podiatry facts you need for a lifetime of foot health.
By Carole Howell
One popular and easy way to learn relaxation exercises is progressive muscle relaxation, a technique in which you alternately tense and release every muscle group in the body.
By Rachel Mork
There are quick relaxation techniques that can help you de-stress in no time. Learn how tapping into all of your senses is the key to relaxation.
By Heather Mayer
If you have been weighing the advantages of alternative complementary medicine, there are five things you might not have considered.
By Rachel Mork
How do you get rid of kidney stones? If you are suffering from this condition, you want the stones out as soon-and as painlessly-as humanly possible.
By Aysha Schurman
It is natural to need a self esteem boost every now and then. Learn how to quickly feel like a million bucks.
By Victoria Welch
You may have heard it through the grape vine: grape seed extract has great health benefits.
By Jennifer Hinders
In existence since at least the 1940s, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation was initially developed for paralysis patients, but it has since been used for numerous purposes with great success. 
By Steve Thompson
If you want to know how many calories to cut to lose weight, you can calculate the total quite accurately.
By Rachel Mork
Although metabolism and weight loss are commonly linked, your metabolism is responsible for a variety of biochemical processes that take place in your body and rely on healthy interaction among your thyroid, pancreas and adrenal glands. When these relationships are imbalanced, your metabolism suffers.
By Annie Graves
The top priority for migraine sufferers is relief. But prescription and over-the-counter treatments may cause more problems, weight gain, sedation, liver toxicity, nausea, fatigue, and exercise intolerance, than they solve. Fortunately, a number of natural alternatives can offer relief.
By Kristy Erickson
Not everyone believes the notion that cholesterol is dangerous to your health, specifically your heart health. In fact, some people think that there are benefits to having high levels of cholesterol.
By Laura Evans
The route that leads one doctor to choose osteopathic medicine as a practice is strikingly similar to that of a medical doctor.
By Laura Evans
What causes muscle spasms? Injuries, illness, diet, stress or simple things like sitting too long could all be behind muscle spasms.
By Alice Langholt
The practice of expressing gratitude is one of many stress relievers that can diffuse negativity, replacing it with a sense of goodwill towards all, that many people find empowering.
By Rachel Mork
How can a deficiency of Vitamin D affect your body?
By G. A. Sylverston
Now that trans fat has made all the health news channels, there are plenty of food places that are coming out with their new "0 trans fat" meals. What is trans fat and what can you do to limit your intake of them?
By Diane Quinn
Strep throat will go away on its own, but treatment can lessen the impact it has on your body.
By Carole Howell
Knowing how to treat a sprain will help you respond quickly and efficiently when such an injury occurs.
By Rachel Mork
The risk of certain types of kidney stones can be reduced by avoiding particular foods linked to kidney stone formation.
By Angie Pollock
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