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Popular Articles
Although acupuncture, the process of inserting thin needles into the skin in order to relieve certain ailments, developed in China more than 2,000 years ago, it certainly has relevance today, considering that it has been known to treat many different illnesses that modern medicine has been unsuccessful at treating.
By Janet Grischy
What is adrenal fatigue? It's not a diagnosis that's accepted by mainstream medicine, but you might have it anyway.
By Laura Evans
If you know the secrets to heavy living, you will be able to positively improve your life and those of your loved ones.
By Laura Evans
It can take your breath away. What is allergic bronchitis?
By Jennifer Hinders
We all know the value of a balanced diet, but all too often, it is viewed as too restricting or tasteless, depriving us of anything remotely enjoyable. Eating healthy makes us feel better and have more energy, and studies show that eating healthy low-calorie foods has impressive anti-aging benefits, according to this month's issue of Women's Health magazine article, "The Anti-Aging Meal Plan."
By Mary P Ivy
Why does the back of your knee hurt? Get all of the facts about common causes, symptoms and risk factors for knee pain, as well as treatment options.
By Rose Clearfield
Learn how to successfully deal with this potentially life-threatening disease.
By Jamie Douglas
Cold feet could be a sign of a more serious condition.
By Conny Manero
Vitamin D facts might startle you. Learn more about this enigmatic vitamin.
By Laura Evans
Seaweed's not just the slimy stuff you peel off your leg after a dip in the ocean. It's a superfood!
By Lauren Bove
Chile peppers, aka cayenne, are full of contradictions. They're hot enough to hurt, yet they can relieve pain, improve circulation, stimulate the appetite, and actually cool you down in hot weather.
By CJ Puotinen
Staying within range of the ideal cholesterol levels can reduce your risk of a heart attack and stroke.
By Angie Pollock
The first signs of Alzheimer's can appear long before the disease has done significant damage to the brain, although most people dismiss them as a consequence of aging.
By Cheryl Bowman
Bored with your current workout routine? Mix it up and get back into the groove by trying continuous, interval, circuit, or aerobic cross training.
By CRK Summerfield
If you're a busy mom with kids at home, you probably find it challenging to get to the fitness club.  Fortunately there are solutions for busy mothers; try a few of these home workout plans and see if one of them works for you.
By Rachel Mork
The challenge of making healthy eating choices when dining out can be overwhelming. You want to enjoy a special meal without ruining your diet entirely, but how do you know what to choose? These simple tips can help.
By Katie_T
By Philip Lop
What does sodium do for the body? Learn what too much and too little sodium will do to your body.
By Lisa Bower
By Marie Lorraine
Staying healthy is always a good idea, whatever age you are, but staying healthy over 50 is even more important for your well being.
By Sharon Hurley Hall
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