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Popular Articles
Learning how to lose weight fast requires banishing the idea of the starvation diet from your mind.
By Aysha Schurman
Men respond to odor and smells differently from women. While there is much we know about the impact of smell on mood and physical response, through aromatherapy, it is not known, to great extent, how men respond differently than women.
By Amber Hilton
To get value for your money, however, you have to find a fitness center that offers a membership with features that'll keep you going to the gym week after week. 
By Ysabel Doran
Nicotine addiction symptoms are easy to spot. You probably feel intense cravings for a cigarette, cigar or smoke on your pipe all day long, especially when stressed. Symptoms include feeling anxious, agitated and irritated.
By Rachel Mork
Does coffee cause dehydration? New studies suggest moderate amounts of caffeine do not cause a loss of fluids as was once thought.
By Starla Ross
Move more easily and with less pain by doing simple stretches designed to improve your flexibility.
By CRK Summerfield
These 10 anger management tips teach how you to control strong emotions by implementing lifestyle and thought process changes.
By Lisa Bower
Excedrin is an antipyretic and analgesic that is used for fever and pain. Because it contains acetaminophen, overdose may cause liver damage.
By Connie Earl Robertson
Avocados are a fruit, with more than 90 percent of the U.S. crop grown in California.
Home remedies for arthritis can help you feel better and more active.
By Rachel Mork
The cleansing of the colon using copious amounts of water was a common procedure in the era 1930-1950s. The first instance was recorded in 1500 B.C., in the Ebers Papyrus, a medical instruction book. In the fourth and fifth centuries B.C., colon hydrotherapy was used to treat fever, and Galen in the second century A.D.
By Diane Quinn
The first signs of Alzheimer's can appear long before the disease has done significant damage to the brain, although most people dismiss them as a consequence of aging.
By Cheryl Bowman
What are the foods to avoid with gastritis? Should you develop this stomach problem, you will need to make a change in your diet if you want the symptoms to improve.
By Laura Evans
Homeopathic diets encourage dieters to eat healthy, natural, organic foods, exercise daily and take supplemental homeopathy remedies to help deal with some of the less pleasant side effects of cutting calories.
By Rachel Mork
Do you suffer from congestive heart failure? Get all of the facts about the symptoms of advanced congestive heart failure.
By Rose Clearfield
Following some quick weight loss tips for grocery shopping like shopping with a list that keeps you on track with your weight loss plan and away from the aisles that can derail you will help limit temptations.
By Amy Brantley
Do you suffer from a bone marrow disease? It is important to familiarize yourself with some blood problems that can result from it.
By Rose Clearfield
Often considered a nuisance, hives can appear at unexpected times. The danger of hives depends entirely on the cause.
By Connie Earl Robertson
These snoring remedies can help get you onto a path that leads to a quiet, restful night's sleep.
By Lisa Bower
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