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Popular Articles
Detox foot pads are placed on the feet because of the concentration of reflex points on the feet. The idea is that when blood pumps through the foot, the patch draws toxins out of the body and onto the pad.
By Rachel Mork
If your nose is always cold, it may indicate an underlying circulation or hormone issue that should be medically evaluated.
By Rebecca Mikulin
Dilating your pupils as part of your eye exam can help reveal hidden health conditions.
By Carole Howell
When road rage has you at your emotional breaking point, take a deep breath. Pranayama can help you find inner peace, even in the middle of a traffic jam.
By Lydia Nicoll
When it comes to weight lifting, its use it or lose it, at least that’s what we’re all told. Is weightlifting good for kids?
By Lauren Bove
Before you settle on a shortlist for your meditation retreat, you will want to investigate the philosophy of the retreat center and ask questions about the types of meditation practiced.
By Rachel Mork
What is meningitis? There are two potential causes of this inflammation of the lining around the brain and spinal cord, and one of them can be deadly.
By Jenney Cheever
If you are plagued by seizing fear, you likely want a cure for a phobia. Learn about the approaches available to you.
By Jennifer Maughan
The benefits of juicing are plentiful, but most importantly, it's quick and easy.
By Rachel Mork
Fruit is packed with vitamins and nutrients and should be included as part of a healthy diabetic diet.
By Starla Ross
In need of earache relief? These tips will help you minimize discomfort so you can function and provide insight into how to prevent future recurrences.
By Rachel Mork
Garden therapy, also known as horticultural therapy, has been implemented in hospitals, prisons, schools and communities.
By Wenona Napolitano
Learning how to treat a brown recluse spider bite can pay off if one of these spiders decides to bite you or someone you know.
By Aysha Schurman
Fill your menu with these high potassium foods.
By Rachel Mork
Five things you should know about high levels of protein in your urine.
By Philip Lop
Want to improve your brain power? Challenge your mind, eat more fruits and vegetables and trade that morning latte for a pot of green tea.
By Frances E. Fitzgerald
Why does the back of your knee hurt? Get all of the facts about common causes, symptoms and risk factors for knee pain, as well as treatment options.
By Rose Clearfield
Facts you should know about bladder tumors, especially if you are in a high-risk group or suspect that you might have bladder cancer.
By Rebecca Mikulin
What you do for your body, you also do for your brain. Diet, exercise and stress reduction can all help prevent memory loss provided you commit to practicing these lifestyle changes daily.
By Siri Khalsa
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