What do Massage Trigger Points Do

Trigger points are knots in muscles that can not only result in tenderness when touched, trigger points can refer, or send, pain to a different part of your body. Sometimes, more than one muscle may be involved in the referred pain. In addition, trigger points may lead to muscle weakness or restrictions in mobility.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy
A trigger point massage therapist will know the relationship between the location of trigger point and the location of your pain. For example, if you are experiencing pain your lower, front four teeth, or the incisor teeth, the problem may be in the digastric muscle in the jaw depressor muscle group.

Causes of Trigger Points
There are a number of different causes of trigger points, including poor posture and overusing muscles. In addition, continually using furniture that does not have the right ergonomics for your body can be a contributing factor. If you are forced to be bedridden for a prolonged period of time, you may end up with trigger points. Athletes sometimes use trigger point massage therapy to help prevent injuries.

Benefits of Trigger Point Massage Therapy
First and foremost, this therapy should reduce the amount of pain that you are feeling. In addition, you should be able to have a greater range of motion and more muscle flexibility. With your primary physician's approval, you also may be able to reduce the amount of medications that you are taking.

Trigger Points Self-Treatment
You can learn to release your trigger points yourself without going to a therapist. The National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists can recommend reputable products and tools to help you work on your body as well as charts that indicate where trigger points are likely to be located. There are also a number of books available for purchase that will teach you the proper techniques for this type of therapy.

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