Diets to Control Hypothyroidism

If you are looking for diets to control hypothyroidism, you're thinking correctly. Diet is one of the most common ways to control hypothyroidism, since the body needs certain nutrients to support proper function of the thyroid. Your thyroid will function at its optimal capacity if you eat a diet rich in the amino acid tyrosine and iodine. You can further support your thyroid by eating protein, selenium-rich foods and vitamin B complex supplements. These foods and supplements support hormone production and glandular function overall.

Add the following foods and supplements to your diet to control hypothyroidism:

Tyrosine Rich Foods
Fill your plate with poultry, fish, low fat or skim dairy products, almonds, avocados, bananas, seeds and lentils. You can make a fabulous tyrosine-rich salad by starting with a bed of greens and then adding cooked poultry or fish, slices of avocado and topping it with a sprinkling of nuts and seeds. Use a low-fat dairy salad dressing for top-notch results.

Tyrosine Supplements
Always take these supplements on an empty stomach to avoid any competition between tyrosine and other amino acids.

Iodine Rich Foods
Load up on seafood, salt water fish and seaweed. Keep a shaker of Celtic sea salt or iodinated salt on your dining room table.

Iodine Supplements
You can find kelp tablets, which are essentially iodine supplements, in health food stores. However, you will want to consult your physician before you take iodine supplements to find out exactly how much you should be taking. Too much iodine can inhibit thyroid function. Your thyroid needs a specific amount of iodine and tyrosine to maintain the necessary balance.

As if the protein listed above wasn't enough, it's good to know that any lean meat is considered helpful for thyroid support. Try eating all lean proteins except soy, since soy can inhibit thyroid function.

Selenium Rich Foods
Eat plenty of whole grains, nuts, broccoli, garlic, onions and black strap molasses.

Vitamin B Complex Supplements
Not only will this support hormone function, but it's good for your mood as well!

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