Signs of Liver Failure

The signs of liver failure are serious and can change rapidly. When you hit liver failure, your liver is rapidly deteriorating in functionality, meaning you have a serious medical condition that needs attention immediately. It is a critical, life-threatening health condition that cannot be ignored.

What Is Liver Failure?
Liver failure is declared when large portions of the liver no longer function. Liver failure usually happens gradually over years as the liver becomes more and more damaged. Acute liver failure is when the liver fails suddenly.

Signs of Liver Failure
At first you may only feel nausea, a loss of appetite, exhaustion and diarrhea, but as liver failure sets in, you will become jaundiced, start to bleed easily without normal clotting and will develop a swollen and tender abdomen. As liver failure progresses, you will become sleepy, experience loss of mental faculties and may enter into a coma.

Causes of Liver Failure
There are many causes of liver failure. The most common causes are alcohol abuse, hepatitis, cirrhosis, starvation, ingestion of too much acetaminophen, consumption of poisonous mushrooms and hemochromatosis. You can avoid damaging your liver by limiting alcohol consumption, eating sensibly, being careful with your use of acetaminophen and avoiding contact with the bodily fluids of people who have hepatitis.  

What to Do if You Suspect Liver Failure?
Rush to the emergency room or call 911 right away. Seek immediate medical attention. Liver failure treatment varies in accordance with the cause of the failure. In a case where acute liver failure is caused by an overdose of acetaminophen, an antidote may be administered and recovery is possible. In cases where liver failure is gradual, you may be eligible for a liver transplant. In any case, liver failure is a serious medical condition that is not to be ignored.

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