Is There a Cure for Lyme Disease

Is there a cure for Lyme Disease? The jury is still out on this medical question. Lyme Disease can be fought with different types of antibiotics at different stages in the disease. If you receive treatment early on and the antibiotics completely wipe out the bacterial infection, you probably won't ever experience any of the later-stage symptoms and you probably won't ever have to think about Lyme Disease again. However, if aren't diagnosed until the later stages of the disease, you may end up with chronic Lyme Disease.

Chronic Lyme
Chronic Lyme Disease is the term doctors use when they see long-term health problems in Lyme patients that might be related to the illness. This is where the water gets muddy, because many of the late-term Lyme Disease symptoms are also common symptoms of other medical conditions. This leaves doctors puzzled as to what the cause of the symptoms may be. Are you feeling achy and fatigued because you had Lyme disease, or do you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia? Is your muscle paralysis due to Bell's Palsy, or is it another wave of paralysis from a Lyme Disease infection? It can be hard for physicians to say definitively what is causing the symptoms.

Get Treatment Promptly
If you believe you have Lyme Disease, the best course of action is to see your doctor for a formal diagnosis and treatment. Oral antibiotics are given for early-stage Lyme patients. Intravenous antibiotics are given to late-stage patients.

Some alternative medicine practitioners have been giving patients Bismacine, but you would be wise to avoid this treatment; it has been proven to cause heart and kidney failure when injected.

Once you've finished your course of antibiotics, you'll want to check in with your doctor regarding any possibly related symptoms you have as time passes. Do not worry about passing Lyme Disease onto others through contact or breast milk; you cannot spread Lyme Disease to other people, whether you're cured or not.

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