Pancreatitis Diet Tips

If you have an inflamed pancreas, pancreatitis diet tips can keep it from getting any worse. This is important, as pancreatitis can often lead to dead tissue around the pancreas, malnutrition and even diabetes. Here are three pancreatitis diet tips to help keep you healthy and happy if you've recently had an attack or are otherwise at risk:

1. Take alcohol out of your diet. For some of us, this is a big step. If you're having problems with your pancreas, however, it's definitely one you should take. If you drink more than a few alcoholic drinks a day, removing alcohol might help clear up a whole host of health problems. This is especially true concerning your pancreas. Drinking a beer is generally like drinking a cup full of sugar (even "light" beers have a high carb content). And most hard liquors play enough with blood sugar that they're just not worth the risk.

2. Get your antioxidants. Consuming foods high in antioxidants may help alleviate pancreatitis, and it certainly can't hurt your overall health outlook. Green vegetables and darker fruits (like blueberries and raspberries) are typically high in antioxidants. You may have heard about antioxidants as helping prevent the effects of aging. The reason they are promoted this way is because they fight free radicals. Free radicals are by-products of metabolism that cause harm to the body's cells and need to be flushed out of your system. Low levels of antioxidants may make a person more likely to develop pancreatitis, and high levels may help fight off an occurrence. That's why it's important to eat dark fruits and green veggies.

3. Avoid refined foods. Why? Since they are already partially processed, your body doesn't take as long to break them down. This results in the sugars from these foods hitting your body all at once instead of gradually. Since the pancreas's job is to produce insulin to help the body break down sugar, large hits of sugar in a short amount of time can cause it to wear itself out. Hate to give up bread and pasta? You don't have to. Just replace white bread with whole grain bread. You can even find wheat and whole grain pasta in most grocery stores these days. Natural food stores are also a great source.

As with any diet, you should avoid eating too much at any one sitting, just as you shouldn't starve yourself. These three pancreatitis diet tips should help you make it through your current pancreatitis attack and avoid more in the future. 

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Pancreatis is an inflammation of the tissues of the pancreas. It can be acute or chronic in nature. Acute pancreatis is usually reversible, chronic often is not.

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Pancreatis is an inflammation of the tissues of the pancreas. It can be acute or chronic in nature. Acute pancreatis is usually reversible, chronic often is not.
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