Stress Causing Seizures

Have you heard of stress causing seizures or stress-caused seizures and wondered what people were talking about? The phenomenon of stress causing seizures is actually well documented, but these kinds of seizures are not considered epileptic seizures. While stress seizures may look like epilepsy, they are not caused by abnormal electric disruptions in your brain. Because these seizures are caused by emotional trauma or stress instead of by a physical cause, they are termed non-epileptic seizures.

Seizures from Stress
Stress-caused seizures are exactly what they sound like: seizures that are caused by a psychological situation, stress, instead of a physical problem in the brain. These seizures appear to be one more piece of evidence that our emotional health is intricately connected to our physical health.

Stress seizures are real seizures. They look like and feel like epileptic seizures; however, a person who suffers from stress seizures will be treated with a different approach than someone who has seizures caused by heart problems or electrical disturbances in the brain. A person who has epilepsy may also have stress-caused seizures, making diagnosis and treatment complicated. For this reason, it is important to have a physician monitor you with an electroencephalogram or conduct tests where a seizure is intentionally induced so you can be properly diagnosed.

Treatment for Stress-Induced Seizures
If you suffer from stress-caused seizures but not from true epilepsy, you may be referred for counseling or prescribed anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medication to help you deal with stress. You will also need to find ways to manage the stress in your life through lifestyle choices. You may want to learn deep breathing exercises, begin practicing yoga, learn how to meditate or go for long walks on a regular basis. You may need to resolve past trauma through therapy or decide to leave a stressful situation.

Your treatment plan will probably involve a thorough examination of your life situation, including work demands, relationship challenges, living conditions, social environment, diet and exercise. You may find it helpful to try to reduce stress in every area of your life.


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