Foods to Avoid Before Colonoscopy

There are many foods to avoid before colonoscopy. In fact, all food needs to be avoided before the colon examination. You must flush your colon of waste before the procedure to clean the tissue walls so that your doctor can examine them.

The colon makes up most of the large intestine. Its job is to absorb moisture from semisolid waste passed to it from the small intestine. As the colon absorbs the liquid, it pushes the waste into the rectum so that it can be expelled from the body through the anus.

What Is a Colonoscopy?
A colonoscopy is a medical procedure where a doctor inserts a flexible and thin tube, known as a colonoscope, into the colon. The tube contains a tiny camera that sends pictures of the colon to a screen. The doctor can then examine the picture and look for abnormalities in your colon. The patient is sedated before the procedure, so there is no pain.

What Foods Do I Avoid Before a Colonoscopy?
Never eat any solid foods before a colonoscopy. Your doctor will put you on a strict liquid diet for one to three days before the procedure to clean your colon for the exam. You cannot cheat on the liquid diet or you'll compromise the colonoscopy with an obstructed view of the colon.

What Is The Colonoscopy Liquid Diet?
Your doctor will provide a complete list of instructions on the required liquid diet before your colonoscopy appointment. The diet restricts you to fluids that will help the cleansing process. You can usually consume water, plain coffee, plain tea, gelatin, fat-free broth and strained fruit juice.

The liquid diet before a colonoscopy is usually considered the worst part of the process. Not only do you have to stay away from solid foods, you also have to stay away from anything with red or purple dye. This rule includes natural and artificial dyes, even in liquids, such as natural cherry juice or artificial tropical punch.

Why Do I Have To Prepare for a Colonoscopy?
A colonoscopy is similar to examining the inside of a water pipe. If the pipe had mud flowing through it, the sides will be covered and prevent you from being able to determine the condition of the inner walls. If you clean all the mud out, you can see the inner walls of the pipe and examine them. The colon, like a pipe, needs all the waste removed so that the doctor can examine the inner walls.

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