Ginseng Is King

The king of herbs (or Radix Ginseng) has long been fabled to possess magical powers. Consuming portions or potions of the tan, knotty root that is somewhat reminiscent of ginger, is believed to imbue the individual with raw, animal energy. Naturally it has a certain appeal to men and women who are looking to kick it up a notch in their life and perhaps the bedroom. Find out why ginseng is king, when it comes to vitality and longevity.

What is ginseng? Radix Ginseng goes by many names. It is known as Ren Shen in Chinese medicine, Chosen Ninjin by the Japanese and the Little Man Root in Native American cultures. Ginseng grows beneath the earth in various places throughout the Earth -- from Asia to the Americas. There are many varieties of Ginseng. According to the World Health Organization, ginseng is a perennial herb and is classified by herbalists as an adaptogen -- or an herb thought to help maintain a balance of various systems within the body such as the endocrine, hormonal and immune.

Vim and vigor. Ginseng may offer a boost of getup and go. Several studies have been done on ginseng's effect on fatigue. The World Health Organization reports that while the tests results have been mixed, there does seem to be a connection between ginseng and pep. The Mayo Clinic states that ginseng may even offer help with mood problems and insomnia for women with menopause symptoms.

Why is ginseng considered king? Both men and women may benefit from the effects of ginseng, but men in particular have been interested in ginseng's potential. Experimental studies have been done on the effect of ginseng on male potency. According to the World Health Organization, some studies suggest that ginseng may offer improved sperm production and could be useful in treating impotence, erectile dysfunction, and low libido. The Mayo Clinic also reports that Asian ginseng may help with erectile dysfunction. In fact the ginseng root was also studied for its positive effect on the immune system, mental function, insulin levels, and liver health. It is important to note that you should always check with a qualified physician before taking any herb or supplement.

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