Benefits of Medicinal Herbs Like Garlic and Ginger Root

For those of us without insurance and working with limited finances, affording healthcare can be difficult indeed. Dental work can be especially expensive, and the pain endured while saving up for the work excruciating. Having knowledge of the benefits of medicinal herbs and their properties can prove very useful in helping you through a difficult situation, either by resolving the problem or providing relief until you are able to see your healthcare provider.

Let it be noted that I am not a medical professional. What I am is a skilled researcher who has been forced by circumstances on numerous occasions to find a way to help myself. When using alternative means of healing, always use caution and common sense, particularly when dealing with children. You should never use any herbal or alternative methods on children without doing the research yourself, seeking legitimate confirmation from at least three reputable sources and a professional.

Garlic, according to researchers, is a natural antibiotic. Researchers have also determined that garlic has antiviral and antifungal properties. Clinical trials have found it to be effective in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Indeed, according to the National Cancer Institute, a part of the US National Institutes of Health, 28 studies have found that garlic was useful in the prevention of cancer, especially prostate and stomach cancers. It is useful against colds and flu. Researchers are studying its effects upon the most serious of viral diseases.

Like any medicine, however, garlic can interact with other medications, including anticoagulants, platelet-inhibiting drugs and skeletal muscle relaxants. Some researchers believe that it may interact badly with some drugs used to treat HIV. Always do your research.

Garlic is best used raw, the cloves chewed-to release those beneficial qualities--and swallowed. If that is too strong of an experience, make cuts on it, then swallow. It can be sliced and placed directly on a wound or insect bite.

Ginger root
Fresh ginger root is cheap and should always be in your kitchen. Like garlic, it has a history of thousands of years of medicinal use. Well-known for its use for nausea and other stomach and digestive ailments, it also serves as both an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory. Some researchers say that it is also an antiviral. It has been used for colds, the flu and respiratory illnesses throughout history.

Drug interactions are possible, such as with certain anticoagulants. Those with certain types of physical ailments, like gallstones, should check with their medical professional prior to use. Again, always do your research.

Ginger water is a good mouth rinse for children after brushing, as it is antibacterial and an antiviral, promoting mouth health while not being harmful if some is accidentally swallowed.

While not always a substitute for medical care, understanding herbs and what they can do for you beyond flavoring your food can often bring relief in a time of need. When used with caution and common sense, they can keep you moving and working until you can afford further care, if needed.

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