How to Make Herbal Pills

Herbal pills are a great way to take herbs that are bitter, or less than tasty. Herbal pills also work great for children who are old enough to swallow pills. Pills can be made from virtually any herb by drying the herb and placing it in gelatin capsule shells.

Dry the Herbs

Drying herbs preserves them and compacts them. Dried herbs are perfect for making herbal pills because they take up less space. Place the herbs in a dehydrator at temperatures between 85 and 95 degrees. Herbs can also be air dried by hanging them upside down from the stems. Herbs dry best when air freely circulates around them and they are kept out of direct sunlight, which may cause browning. Drying times vary by herb. The herbs are done drying when they become brittle and are no longer pliable.

Crush the Dried Herbs

The herbs should be crushed before filling the herbal pill. An spice mill, coffee grinder, food processor, or traditional mortar and pestle work well. A spice mill or coffee grinder works well for small amounts of herb. A food processor works well for crushing large amounts of dried herb. Crush the herb until it is almost a powder. Place the crushed herb in a bowl.

Filling the Herbal Pills

Gelatin capsules are shells that can be purchased at natural food stores. These shells can be pulled apart and filled. Pull the shell apart and fill both ends of the shell with the herb by scooping. Shake each side of the pill to compact the herb and scoop more herb into each side of the shell. After it is filled push both sides of the herbal pill together.

Labeling and Storage

Label the herbal pills with the contents and date of preparation. Herbal pills should be stored in a cool dry area between uses.

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