The Growing Popularity of Herbal Supplements

Herbs, vitamins and nutritional supplements are ever-growing in popularity. Just the industry of herbs and herbal supplements makes billions of dollars every year. When I first became interested in herbs and their uses 20 years ago, I could only find herbs in a select few health food stores and through mail-order catalogs. Many people who used herbs grew and processed their own.

Now you can walk into just about any major retailer or drug store and you'll find herbs, vitamins and supplements. In the larger retailers you might even find them in forms like liquid and capsules and have several brands and potencies to choose from. Not only can you find herbs, vitamins and supplements just about anywhere, but you can also find them added to just about everything from our food and water to our beauty products. Even the pet industry has caught on, and you can find vitamin and herbal supplements for your pets and find vitamins, minerals and sometimes herbs added to pet food.

The growth of the vitamin, herbal and health supplement industry stems from the trend that focuses on being healthy and staying healthy. With rising health care costs and the dangerous side effects of some prescription medications and medical treatments, many people are looking for natural ways to stay healthy. Herbal therapy has become extremely popular because herbs are often cheaper than prescription medicines and have fewer to no side effects. Herbal remedies may work when modern medicine fails. Many medical doctors now prescribe herbal remedies to be used alongside mainstream medical treatments.

With the continuing advancement of science and technology, the herbal industry continues to grow. Medical science studies are proving the effectiveness of herbs for many diseases, illnesses and complaints.

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While herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years, not all herbs are safe for everyone. As with any medication you're taking, herbs have the potential to interact with each other as well as with prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Having knowledge of the benefits of medicinal herbs and their properties can prove very useful in helping you through a difficult situation, either by resolving the problem or providing relief until you are able to see your healthcare provider.

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No one is truly sure that the origins of medicinal herbs are or when humans started using plants as medicine, but some prehistoric sites show that Neanderthals used healing herbs more than 60,000 years ago.

There are many different kinds of tea that are used therapeutically. I've been researching these different kids of tea for some time now. I'm always interested in new and natural ways to treat certain symptoms and disorders.

A climbing shrub from the asclepiadaceae or milkweed family, Gymnema sylvestre is a traditional Ayurvedic herb whose Sanskrit name gurmar means sugar destroyer.

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