Causes of Night Sweats in Men

Night sweats in men are much more common than you may think. Most men who experience night sweats do not have any concerning medical condition and should not worry about this experience at all. There are simple, easy ways to handle night sweats, all of which are natural.

Understanding why men experience night sweats
Night sweats in men typically happen for one of two reasons:

  1. Men's bodies go through a natural body temperature cycle each day, with the body temperature being highest around bedtime but dropping lower just before waking. Think back to the last time you had a fever.  When your body temperature is very high, even warm water can feel cold. When you're body temperature drops suddenly, even a light covering can make you feel hot, causing you to sweat. This is what happens to most men experiencing night sweats: your natural body temperature variation has simply sped up due to variety of normal factors.
  2. Stress can be another cause of night sweats in men. If you are feeling anxious about something-work, relationship issues, concerns about finances-your body may sweat it out in response to anxiety dreams.

When should night sweats trigger concern?
If you notice your night sweats correspond with episodes of acid reflux, you may want to seek treatment of the acid reflux. You should also be concerned if you actually develop a fever along with the night sweats, or you experience swelling of your lymph nodes, an unusual rash, or a loss of appetite. If the sweating becomes so profuse that you soak both your clothing and your bedding, your situation may be severe enough to ask a doctor for help controlling the situation.

Natural solutions for night sweats in men

  • Release stress before bedtime. Try practicing yoga, meditation, going for a leisurely stroll, writing in a journal, or relaxing with a book before bed.
  • Layer your bed with covers. Instead of using one heavy comforter, invest in a few light blankets, making it easy to strip off some (but not all) coverings when you wake up in the middle of the night. It may take some experimentation to figure out exactly what layers work best for you, considering you will probably want more covers when you go to bed then you'll desire at three in the morning.
  • Install a ceiling fan. Keep the remote control to the fan on your nightstand.
  • Dress in layers. Apply the concept discussed above to how you dress for bed.


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