3 Natural Laxatives

Many people prefer natural laxatives to artificial laxatives because they are looking for something gentle. To be sure your experience brings relief and not embarrassing amounts of time in the restroom, you'll want to be careful using whatever laxative you choose, natural or not. Some natural laxatives, such as prune juice, are quite powerful and can be rather potent. For the most effective yet gentle laxative experience, try one of these three natural laxatives as directed:

Coffee and a Bran Muffin
Coffee is one of the most reliable ways to stimulate your bowels. Try a cup of strong coffee, followed by a bran muffin or high fiber cereal. Follow this up with a glass of water.

The bran muffin serves two purposes: to add more fiber to your diet and to absorb some of the acid from the coffee, preventing an upset stomach or nausea. If you do not experience relief, try another half cup of coffee.

Olive Oil and Senna Tea
Take one tablespoon of olive oil and follow it with a cup of senna tea. You can eat a small meal with this, preferably something high fiber or easy to digest, such as a couple of saltine crackers, to absorb extra stomach acid. If this does not produce results within an hour, try a second tablespoon of olive oil and either a glass of water or a second cup of senna tea. Senna tea can be found in the health foods section of your grocery store. You can also steep senna pods in hot water to make your own tea.

Pear Juice and Canned Pears
If you can't stomach prune juice and you want a gentler laxative, try drinking either pear juice or apple pear juice and eat a cup of canned pears. The combination of the fiber and the fructose should move your bowels gently and effectively. Most people find pears palatable, making this a good solution for children as well as adults. As an added bonus, nothing in the pear juice or pears should irritate your stomach or cause nausea.

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