A Simple Toothache Home Remedy


*Please note this is NOT a substitute for seeing a dentist. Tooth pain can be a sign of impending infection and should be taken seriously. This is merely a simple solution to get a decent night sleep before you call the dentist for an appointment in the morning*

Another toothache? Is it that same tooth again? You know, the one with the dull ache that seems to get worse when night falls and its time for some sleep. There is a simple all natural remedy sitting in your kitchen right now!

Most kitchens have a jar of ground cloves in the spice cabinet. If you find yourself either out of it or not having it at all, you can purchase it at most supermarkets. You will need a pinch or so of the ground cloves and a few drops of water. Using a small bowl mix the water in with the ground cloves and mash around until it makes a thick-like paste.

Here starts the not so pleasant part in this process. To apply the paste to the tooth in question, you can either use your index finger or a Q-tip. This paste is not going to taste well, but keep in mind it will lead to relief! While applying the paste, use a generous amount. There is no set about on what to use, just make sure the tooth is coated well enough.

This should give you almost immediate relief. It will taste badly for a little while, You can drink water to help ease the taste, but you will then more than likely swallow some of the paste. It is all natural so there is no need to worry about any harmful effects.

If for some reason the relief does not last all night, you can reapply. This can be used for a few days, but it is still not an escape from seeing a dentist.

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