Have Severe Tooth Pain, but Cant Get to a Dentist Right Away

*Please Note: This is NOT a substitute for seeing a dentist, it is ONLY a temporary relief of pain while waiting for an appointment*

How many of you have suffered from loss of sleep due to an unimaginable toothache? Good news, there is a simple natural way to give you some relief while waiting to get into see a dentist.

These supplements can be found at any local store that carries vitamins such as Walmart, Whole Foods, or any store of that natural. You will need, one bottle of garlic capsules (you can get odorless ones) and one bottle of Vitamin C pills (these come in chewable as well). If you are able to take pain relievers as well, you may want to try ibuprofen, that seems to work the best with tooth pain. If you are pregnant or allergic to Ibuprofen, you can use Tylenol in its place.

Dosages for the supplements should be taken every 4-6 hours. When taking the garlic, you can take 3000 mg, equivalent to 3 capsules. The Vitamin C should be 100mg, equivalent to two capsules.The garlic is a natural antibiotic and the Vitamin C is to help boost your immune system to help fight off infection. Along with this, you may take the Ibuprofen as directed on the label. Please be aware, as some individuals may experience reactions to these supplements. Once taken, the pain should start to ease up within an hour. Also, remember to brush your teeth every time you eat, to avoid particles being stuck in the sore area. Also, gargle with antiseptic mouth wash after brushing. It will help keep the mouth sterile and germ free. Relief should typically last between 6 and 8 hours. This should enable you to at least get some rest and avoid dragging through the day unrested.

You can continue taking these, as long as needed to get through to the dentist appointment. Please remember a toothache can lead to serious infection and needs to be handle with the proper care.

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