How to Treat a Toothache at Home

Knowing how to treat a toothache at home can save you a lot of unnecessary pain. Toothache pain relief can be found in a spice used when making pumpkin pies, but beware, as this spice can also be deadly.

Cloves Dull the Pain
The best toothache pain relief? Cloves. Mix one drop of clove oil to nine parts water and then insert one drop into the mouth, near the painful tooth, and the pain will start to subside. The drawback to this treatment is a strong one: even a small amount of pure clove oil can damage the brain, liver and lungs. Diluting clove oil is an absolutely must. Use it sparingly and never use it on children. Using more clove oil won't get you more pain relief, it will just make you sick.

It is always wise to consult your dentist before ingesting clove oil, and absolutely imperative that you visit your dentist soon to have the tooth repaired so a repeat of this pain won't be necessary.

Other Treatments
While relying on cloves isn't the only way to treat a toothache at home, it is touted as the best method available. Even dentists use oil of cloves as a therapeutic application when working on infected teeth. Other oils that also work include cinnamon, eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint and wintergreen. Each of these essential oils has the ability to numb the area, thereby creating what appears to be a pain-free environment in your mouth. Unfortunately, you'll still need to pop in to see your dentist to get to the bottom of your mouth issues.

  • Apple cider vinegar works well to relieve a toothache. Simply swish a few tablespoons around in your mouth and then spit. The same is true of warm salt water.
  • An ice pack held to the affected cheek will offer some relief as it cools the skin. It should not be placed directly on the skin and should not remain in place for too long.
  • A mash of wintergreen berries pressed against the sore tooth will help alleviate the painful throbbing that often accompanies a toothache. If berries are not available, essence of wintergreen oil will do the trick. Dilute it in water in the same manner as you would dilute clove oil.
  • Chewing spinach leaves or raw onion has also been known to prevent tooth decay and destroy harmful germs that can be found in the mouth cavity. To get the full effect, chew one or the other for approximately two to three minutes.
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