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If you want toothache relief, chances are you want it now.  A toothache is nothing to sneeze at-the pain can be excruciating. A toothache alerts you that something is seriously wrong with your tooth or gums, so you'll want to make an appointment with your dentist to find out what's going on. Until you can see your dentist, you can try the following toothache pain relief remedies:

It may sound like a too simple to work plan, but oftentimes tooth pain is related to food stuck between your teeth. Floss gently and thoroughly, making sure the thread gets down into the crevices between your gum and your tooth.

You can rinse your mouth with a variety of things to help a toothache. First try rinsing with water to make sure one more time that the issue is not just trapped food particles. Next try swishing either a solution of salt and water-the ratio should be one half teaspoon of salt per four ounces of room temperature water-or a shot of strong spirits such as whisky. Hold a small mouthful the salt water or whisky in your mouth right where the aching tooth is, then spit. Repeat until the tooth does not hurt so bad anymore.

Ice Your Hand
It sounds crazy, but when ice is applied to v-shaped area where your thumb and forefinger join, it will actually cause your teeth to feel numb. Wrap the ice in a thin washcloth and rub the v-shaped area of your hand for seven minutes. This interrupts the signal of pain from your mouth to your nervous center, relieving your pain.

Elevate Your Head When Sleeping
Your toothache is most likely to get worse at night. This is a problem because you probably don't feel like getting up every hour or so to rub ice on your hand or rinse with salt water. Part of why your tooth hurts more at night is because the blood rushes to your head when you lie down horizontally, so it may help you to elevate your head with three pillows as you sleep. Right before bed, rinse with a shot of whiskey-and it might not hurt to swallow this time, if you're not averse to drinking a little alcohol.  After this, lie down with your head elevated. With some luck, you may actually have a pain-free night of sleep.

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If you have experienced a toothache, you know how unbearable the pain can be. Try these toothache home remedies for quick relief.

If you've got a toothache, you want pain relief now. Try these at-home toothache remedies for quick relief.

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