Liver Cancer Treament Diet Guidelines

If you've been diagnosed with liver cancer, you're probably trying to fight the cancer with every possible weapon available. One liver cancer treatment weapon in your arsenal is your diet. While no diet can promise to cure your liver cancer, this gastric cancer diet may help improve your chances.

Foods and beverages to eat or drink to fight liver cancer

  • Milk and yogurt. A study conducted by Dr. Renato Talamini of the National Tumor Institute in Aviano concluded that drinking milk and eating yogurt both reduce the chances of developing liver cancer and improve chances of recovering from liver cancer.
  • White meat. It has been determined through scientific studies that consumption of white meat instead of red will help your body to fight liver cancer.
  • Eat 7-9 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day. Fill your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, especially those which contain natural high levels of vitamins C and B vitamins and antioxidants. Some studies show that people who consume yellow and orange vegetables (squash, sweet potatoes, yams) and cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli) had significantly lower incidences of liver cancer than those who did not eat these vegetables on a regular basis.
  • Tea. All tea contains antioxidants, but green tea in particular appears to be especially helpful in warding off cancer.
  • High-fiber foods. Keep your pantry stocked with high fiber cereals and products. Try eating oatmeal, legumes and beans for great cancer-fighting foods.
  • Pomegranate juice. This juice has been the subject of several scientific cancer prevention studies. It appears to be very effective in preventing liver cancer.
  • Olive oil. When you must use oil, make it olive oil. While you should keep your fat intake in general low, small amounts of olive oil seem to be the best when it comes to liver cancer prevention.
  • Baked or grilled fish. Fish provides a healthy fat and does not aggravate liver cancer.  It is a very healthy source of protein for those concerned about cancer.

Foods to avoid when fighting liver cancer.

  • Animal and trans fats. Stay away from fats as much as possible. These two kinds of fats are your worst enemies when you are fighting cancer. Do your best to remove fried food in particular from your diet.
  • Red meat. Keep your red meat consumption to less than once a week.
  • Alcohol. While red wine is suggested for healthy individuals, people diagnosed with liver cancer need to limit alcohol consumption of all types as your liver is already stressed enough dealing with the cancer and the treatments you may be undergoing.

Lifestyle changes to consider to prevent liver cancer

  • Exercise daily and keep your weight to a healthy BMI. People whose BMIs were in the healthy range were far less likely to develop liver cancer than men whose BMIs were in the overweight or obese ranges. Exercise (even if it's just a walk) daily and limit your calories accordingly.
  • Take vitamins C, E and selenium as a dietary supplement. Scientists are studying all of these supplements to determine how large of a role these supplements could take in preventing liver cancer.
  • Quit smoking. Studies have shown that smoking, especially when done in conjunction with drinking alcohol, can exacerbate liver cancer. 
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