Skin Cancer vs. Depression:An On-Going Battle

Millions of Americans utilize indoor tanning servies every day. Over half of them say they tan at least twice a week despite all the evidence that it increases skin cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer shows indoor tanning before age 30 is linked with a 75 percent increase in melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. But members of the Indoor Tanning Association argue that many people tan for health reasons. Association president Dan Humiston sites a big benefit of moderate exposure to UV light is stimulation of the body's production of Vitamin D. This is a mood elevator for many who suffer from depression. Both sides present a good arguement and leave many people conflicted on the issue. Below are 10 options for  those searching for alternatives.

10.) Get Vitamin D the old-fashioned way-through Vitamin D supplements. Standard Process is one of the best companies out there because they utilize whole food supplements. The supplements are made by concentrating foods for use in the supplements so the body has an easier time adjusting them, and they are not stripped of natural nutrients like some brands.
9.) Add Min-Chex to the supplement regime as well. Similar to number 10, it's a more natural way to put both body and mind at ease. The mineral complexes in Min-Chex have a calming affect that establishes balanced function of the central nervous system.
8.) Keep a gratitude journal. Although tanning may no longer be on the list of things to be thankful for, research shows that if people can find at least three things to be thankful each day they will lead happier lives.

7.) Take up a new hobby. Whether it's discovering a sport or finally learning how to use the kitchen stove, channeling energy (positive or negative) into something new can be liberating. Even more so if people uncover a hidden talent!
6.) Change the look. Sometimes the quickest way to a new outlook, is a new look. It's just hair, cut it. Or dye it for that matter. Vain as it is, there's a reason people say "look good, feel good!"
5.) Go on a shopping spree with all the money no longer being spent on tanning. Similar to number 7, a change of clothing can also lead to a changed outlook. Plus, the euphoric high that many get after buying the perfect outfit isn't bad either.

4). Spend time with people. It's natural to want to want to be alone when you're going through a tough time. But without the company of others, many people find themselves slipping deeper into the dark hole. Humans crave interaction; feed it.
3). Exercise; it's not a dirty word. In fact, it releases endorphins, which are often refereed to as the body's natural happy pill.

2). Get involved with something. Much like finding a new hobby, getting involved in a new organization is another way to channel energy and a great way to spend time with people. So kill two birds with one stone and get involved in an organization.

1.) Laugh. Its nature's best medicine and it burns calories too

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