Cleanest Bottled Water

There's nothing like a cool drink of water when you're thirsty. Even though bottled water is up to 1,900 times more expensive than tap water, some bottled waters are worth the money because of their composition. If you've ever wondered where the water you drink comes from, the following describes the cleanest bottled water.


Evian is rated the No. 1 cleanest bottled water. This company's water originates in Source Cache, France, and was discovered during the French revolution by a nobleman. Over a period of 15 years, the well water emerges from melted snow and rain from inside the Vinzier plateau. Filtered through glacial sand in a mountain tunnel at 52.88 degrees, the water remains pure because it's protected by clay that gives the water its taste and composition. Evian water is automatically bottled at a nearby plant.

Perrier water

Dating back to Roman times, Perrier hails from a spring in Vergeze, France, and is considered natural sparkling water. Perrier water and the carbonation are secured separately and combined again during the bottling process to ensure the natural sparkle of the spring water. Perrier is also available in sparkling flavors, such as lime, lemon and grapefruit.

San Pellegrino

Named after the spring in Italy's San Pellegrino mountains, this water is not only famous for its curative powers but is rumored to have quenched the thirst of Leonardo da Vinci while painting the Mona Lisa. San Pellegrino waters originate approximately 1,300 feet below the surface at a temperature of 69.8 degrees. Volcanic rocks and limestone give the water its unique minerals.


Discovered in 1996 in Fiji's Yaqara Valley, Fiji water is the No. 1 imported bottle water in the United States. Due to its artesian origins, the water has a unique mineral content and a high silica concentration. It is known for its refreshing taste due to the high content of magnesium and calcium. Bottling is 100 percent automatic as part of a super hygienic protocol.


Gerolsteiner was founded in 1888 in Eifel, a small town in Germany. The water originates from volcanic reservoirs 200 feet beneath the surface. Carbonic acid and minerals filter into the water, adding nutrients such as magnesium, bicarbonate and calcium. Strict protocols are followed to ensure Gerolsteiner's cleanliness and purity.

Mountain Valley

From the Cedar mountains in Arkansas comes Mountain Valley spring water. U.S. presidents, athletes and celebrities alike choose this American spring water for a refreshing drink. Not only does the water contain a unique composition of minerals, it's claimed that the water has medicinal healing powers.

Icelandic Glacial

From Iceland comes Icelandic Glacial, which originates from a 4,500-year-old spring. This bottled water also meets the standards as one of the world's cleanest bottled waters. Certified as carbon-neutral, Icelandic Glacial water is 100 percent natural with a zero carbon footprint.

The difference in waters

The FDA established a standard to differentiate between spring, purified, mineral, sparkling water, artesian and well water.

  • Spring water is collected from an underground formation and must be collected through borehole tapping.
  • Purified water is generally produced by deionization, distillation or reverse osmosis.
  • Mineral water is identified by its relative mineral proportions and trace elements.
  • Sparkling water contains the same amount of carbon dioxide after processing as it had when it first emerged from its source.
  • Artesian water is groundwater that rises to where it meets a well, either below or above ground.
  • Well water is water derived from an aquifer using boring or drilling.

The type of water you prefer becomes a matter of personal taste. Keep in mind though that cheap bottled water might not be as clean as the manufacturer would like you to believe.

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