Is Seltzer Good for You

Seltzer is just water that has added carbonation added to it. It's very similar to mineral water, but it has more carbonation, plus seltzer water doesn't contain the same amount of minerals. More and more people are drinking seltzer water as an alternative to sugary sodas or even diet drinks. Believe it or not, seltzer can settle your upset stomach and even remove stains from your carpets.

The making of seltzer water

Seltzer water is made by introducing carbon gas into bottled water. Afterwards, the bottles are sealed for shipment and sale. When you open a bottle or can of seltzer, the carbon gas is released which causes the fizzing and bubbling sounds. Counter top seltzer machines are all the rage now. The machines have carbon chambers that release carbon gas into plain water. Homemade seltzer water is a great alternative to purchasing pre-canned or bottled seltzer water. It also has less sodium.

Some seltzers have artificial sweeteners and flavors added. It's always a good option to read the labels before you purchase these seltzer waters. Also, check the sodium level or the brand of seltzer water you buy; many contain a lot of sodium.

Health benefits

  • Weight loss - Seltzer water is great if you want to lose weight because the carbonation makes you feel full. Plain drinking water does this to a certain extent, but not as much as seltzer water can.
  • Hydration - Seltzer water is just water, so it has all the benefits of water such as hydration. It's good to drink water as well as seltzer since seltzer is more filling and you might not drink as much. If you really need fluids, stick to water. It is always the best way to hydrate.
  • Healthy minerals and vitamins - Many brands of seltzer water are now adding minerals and vitamins. This makes seltzer water even healthier than water.
  • Alternative drink - Seltzer water is a healthy alternative to soda or juice. Many folks crave the fizziness of soda so seltzer creates that sensation without the sugary calories. Make sure you read the list of ingredients before you buy seltzer water.

Alternative seltzer drinks

Some seltzer waters have juice added. Flavors like apple cider, orange spice and green tea are becoming popular among seltzer water lovers. Keep an eye on the calories in these drinks though if you're trying to lose weight.

Seltzer waters are becoming more and more popular. Seltzer water is definitely a great alternative to drinking soda or juice. For the most part, seltzer is just water with added carbonation. Check out the sodium content if you have high blood pressure, because some seltzer waters have a lot of sodium.

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