Adult Onset Food Allergies

People aren't always born with food allergies. In fact, you could enjoy a nice peanut butter and jelly sandwich for 20 years only to discover a month later that you're allergic. Adult onset food allergies are not only possible, but they are also on the rise.

The exact reasons for allergies discovered later in life are largely unknown. Doctors believe that some people have genetic dispositions to develop certain allergies, but the delay in these allergies appearance is puzzling. Research is still going into why adult onset food allergies occur, but some people believe it is a societal issue. Western nations are so clean that people aren't as readily exposed to viruses and bacteria; the immune system doesn't have to work as hard as in other nations. The lack of need to be as on guard, goes the rationale, can result in allergies later in life.

Oral-allergy syndrome also affects adult onset allergies. With this, a person may have been allergic to something as common as pollen when they were a kid only to find that they become allergic to tree fruits and vegetables like carrots later in life. This is because the body mistakes the proteins in the food with the proteins in the pollen.

There are some doctors and scientists who believe adult onset allergies are the result of new methods in producing foods. More farmers are using chemicals to grow their food and chefs and restaurants are using man-made additives in their culinary creations. This correlation of the increase in chemicals and the increase in adult onset allergies has raised some eyebrows, though research has not yet ruled this theory 100 percent accurate.

Food allergy reactions can be deadly. If you think you/re allergic to something, be sure to consult a doctor. You will want a test for food allergies performed, as it will help you know the foods to which you are allergic. A medical professional can have a food allergies blood test done. Once you know what you're allergic to, you can take medicine to help with this and can learn how to avoid the trigger foods. 

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Following a list of common food allegies can help you prepare foods for someone with food allergies or other special eating needs. It's still important to always read food labels. Since allergies and intolerances are quite variable, it's best to ask your guests about their specific restrictions before you start planning a dinner menu.

Before you swear off chocolate forever, take a moment. What seems like a chocolate allergy could be something altogether different.

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