Sample Diet to Lower Cholesterol

Lowering your overall cholesterol level to less than 200 is a goal we all should aim for. Unfortunately, wanting to lower cholesterol and actually doing so are two different things. So many foods today are filled with fat and sugar that we are often bombarded with bad food choices without even knowing it. Knowing how to tweak a diet can make healthy food choices easier, so read on for a sample diet to lower cholesterol.

The good thing about a diet that is low in fat and sugars is that it is not only designed to lower cholesterol, it is also considered a good cancer prevention diet. Because so often diet and cancer seem to go hand in hand, any diet that offers healthy benefits is one that should be checked out. With this added information at our fingertips it becomes more and more clear that many diseases are preventable if we simply follow a good healthy diet with sound eating habits.

Sample diet to lower cholesterol
Breakfast: Breakfast foods might include fruits such as berries and citrus-especially the white inside rind of citrus, which is packed with pectin, a great cholesterol fighter. Fruits can be made into juices, but because the pulp and fiber are better for your body, don't puree the fruits. Just a few rounds in the food processor or blender and the fiber will still be pretty much intact.

Cereal is a great way to start any day. Avoid sugared cereals and whole milk. Instead, wake up to rolled oats or oat bran. Add one half cup of milk-skim milk is best, but two percent is okay, too.

Lunch: Lunch foods should consist of fruits and vegetables, as well as a few nuts. Make sure the protein you eat is good protein. For instance, fish is wonderful for lunch or dinner, but all processed meat should be avoided and all other meats kept to a minimum, especially red meat.

A great salad can be created with healthy and filling vegetables such as lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, dried cherries and walnuts. If you must have meat, try chicken breast. Sprinkle lemon or vinegar and olive oil over the salad or, better yet, eat it plain.

Dinner:  Dinner foods should consist of a variety of high fiber fruits and vegetables and lean protein. For instance, beans are very high in fiber and excellent choice of protein. Beans contain lecithin, which helps break up cholesterol. They are also low-fat and taste great.

Though grapefruit lowers cholesterol, it cannot be used in combination with cholesterol lowering prescription drugs as it may change how the drug works.

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Cholesterol levels can be lowered by reducing or eliminating your intake of foods that contain it, but also by consuming a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteins that naturally help the body to lower bad cholesterol and raise the good.

Normal cholesterol levels are essential to a healthy and safe body. Here are 20 quick tips to reach those normal levels of cholesterol.

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High cholesterol is a condition many adults face as they head into their middle years. To combat this problem, many are turning to foods for lowering LDL cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein or "bad cholesterol." 

Having high cholesterol has been recognized as a risk factor for heart disease for many years. When the link between high cholesterol and cardiac disease was first noted it was assumed that by lowering our dietary intake of cholesterol rich foods then we would lower our total cholesterol.
Currently, there are two methods to lower your cholesterol, diet and/or medication. Medications work well in lowering your cholesterol number, but you might be concerned about long term side effects of taking the medication.
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