Side Effects of Probiotics

Most people consume probiotic foods and supplements because they have a deficiency or because they need help with digestive problems. But before you start popping probiotic supplements, you should know about some potential side effects of probiotics. This will help you be aware of what to look for and can warn you to stop using them if things start to feel or look strange.

Most of the side effects of probiotics seemed to be linked to digestive problems. Gas and bloating are common effects of probiotics, especially if people are not only eating probiotics foods, but also taking probiotics supplements. Additionally, there have been a few reports of probiotics causing severe fungal infections. People who had this happen found that their immune system was impaired. Thus, it's important for a person to consult his or her doctor before consuming a probiotic-heavy diet. You don't want to cause more harm than good.

Additionally, probiotics could cause some changes in a person's metabolic activities. For example, probiotics could stimulate the immune system. There's a chance that people with underlying health issues can contract probiotic-caused infections and need to be treated with antibiotics or other medicine.

It's important to know that many people have been using live microorganisms (bacteria) for quite some time without major issues. However, you should also know that science has not studied probiotics thoroughly, so there's still a chance for future complications. Only time will tell how probiotics affect specific groups of people.

A person should never try and solve all of their health problems by only engaging in a probiotic-based diet. If you have serious digestive issues, be sure to consult with a doctor before you make any major changes to your diet. You may need to try a treatment plan other than a change in diet, and the longer you wait or self-diagnose, the larger the risks of major complications.


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