Protein Rich Foods to Add to Your Shopping List

To stock up on protein rich foods, bring this list of high protein foods with you the next time you go to the grocery store. All of the foods on this list are good sources of protein. Some of these foods will need to be combined together to create a complete protein, so those food items will be listed together. By eating plenty of foods with protein, you will be satisfied longer, repair muscles more quickly and build muscle faster.

Lean Meats
Fill your refrigerator with lean meats. Turkey sausage, turkey bacon and lean sandwich meats, such as ham, turkey and chicken, are great lean meats that will keep you satisfied but pack healthy punches. Use ground turkey or ground chicken to make lean chili, burgers and tacos. Grill, bake, braise or poach skinless chicken breasts, lean pork tenderloin or salmon.

Don't buy the steak, ground beef and high fat pork spare ribs; while these are high protein foods, the negative health effects of the high saturated fat is not worth the benefits of the protein.

Many people overlook eggs even though they are an excellent source of protein. Eggs are easy to digest and are prime candidates for protein usability in your body since eggs have a 97 percent protein-usability rating. The only reason to skip eggs is if you have high cholesterol.

Fill your cart with low fat milk, cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt-all of which are excellent sources of protein.

Vegetarian Sources of Protein
Soy products are perhaps some of the most easily accessible vegetarian, high protein food items in the grocery store. Pick up a jug of soymilk, a block of tofu and a package of edamame the next time you're in the store. Combine beans and rice, peanut butter and whole grain breads, and corn and beans will all provide complete proteins for you.

Protein Powder
Stock up on protein powder, which is a great way to add protein to a fruit smoothie or a milkshake.

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