How to Prepare Raw Foods

If you are interested in eating an organic raw food diet, you are going to have to learn how to prepare raw foods. With some basic knowledge behind the proper techniques, you will be preparing your own raw foods in no time.

What are Raw Foods?
Thinking of raw foods as uncooked food is a little simplistic. Raw foods can be heated up to 116 degrees. After that, they are no longer considered to be raw because the enzymes in the food begin to degrade. Most people who consider themselves to be living a raw foods lifestyle eat at least 75% raw foods.

How to Prepare Raw Foods
At its simplest, preparing raw foods is washing your food and eating it. You can, of course, combine items to make salads. However, most people who eat raw foods have additional equipment such as juicers, dehydrators and blenders or food processors to help make more tantalizing combinations of foods.

Raw foods can take on new flavors using this equipment. You can make your own corn chips using finely chopped raw corn and a dehydrator. You can also make cinnamon date bread using soft, sprouted wheat, dates, cinnamon and raisins and placing them in a dehydrator. Throw thin strips of zucchini or eggplant in place of pasta in main dishes covered with fresh tomato sauce.

Sprouting Your Own Food
Many foods are cooked in traditional kitchens to help make them more digestible. However, cooking foods leads to the loss of key nutrients. Instead of cooking foods, those who eat raw foods sprout seeds, grains, nuts and legumes. Soaking these foods in water until they sprout, or germinate, makes them more digestible and easier to use in other recipes.

Organic Raw Food
Most of those who eat raw foods also live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. This means that they do not use artificial pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers when growing foods. By eating organic foods, you are not only putting fewer chemicals into the earth, but you are putting fewer chemicals into your body.

More on Raw Foods
If you are interested in proper raw food training, consider enrolling in raw food classes. Raw food classes will teach you the secrets behind making delicious raw food meals, including snacks and desserts.

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