Soy Protein Sources

Soy protein is growing in popularity; as a result more and more soy protein products are making it to the shelves of grocery stores. Try any of these soy products to get your fill of this healthy source of protein.

Soy Beans
You can eat soy beans in several different ways. Edamame is delicious steamed and eaten in the pod, or it is good when ground with chickpeas into hummus or tossed in a salad. Try eating dried soy beans, also known as soy nuts, with dried cranberries for a tasty snack or add soy beans to a stew or soup.

Tofu is delicious when battered and fried, used as a ground beef substitute in burgers or chili, or cooked in stir fry with mixed vegetables. Always press your tofu between a couple paper towels before cooking to remove excess moisture and improve texture.

Soy Milk
Soy milk comes in a variety of flavors, including vanilla, plain, chocolate and strawberry. You can replace milk with soy milk for cereal or drinking.

Tempeh is a versatile meat substitute that can even be made to look like the meat it is replacing. Tempeh is great when baked, grilled, fried or added to stews. Flavor your tempeh with teriyaki sauce, steak sauce or other seasonings.

Soy Flour
Use soy flour when baking. It has a slightly different consistency from wheat flour, so you may want to mix it half and half with your white or wheat flour, or you may want to experiment with other flour blends, such as arrowroot, corn meal, rice flour or oat flour.

Soy Protein Bars
Soy protein bars come in a myriad of flavors. You can choose from chocolate to peanut butter to fruit and oat mixtures. Soy protein bars will fuel your body with long-lasting energy.

Frozen Tofu
Frozen tofu looks like, feels like and tastes like ice cream or frozen yogurt, but it is made from tofu instead of dairy products.

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Early studies touted soy?s role in reducing the risk of certain diseases, but later studies show less promising results. Is there any benefit to eating soy protein? Yes. Substituting soy for red meat and other proteins high in saturated fat can help lower cholesterol and improve heart health.

Soy beans might be little, but they are fierce when it comes to providing nutritional value.

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When one visits the grocery store, especially the health food section, there seems, in the last few years, to be a soy explosion. One can find anything now, which was once made of anything but soy, made of soy.
Modern alimentary culture has a knack for venerating food. When wonders of technological analysis reveal an element that demonstrates nourishing potential (as defined by the current nutritional paradigm), the pedestal is hoisted and the beholden food placed upon.

The health benefits of soy are well-documented, but do you know what they are?

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