Yeast Free Diet Tips

Yeast free diet tips start with understanding what feeds yeast within your body. You want to know what causes yeast to grow and spread so you can make educated yeast-free meal choices.

Sugar, Sugar
Yeast feeds on sugar-yes, good old fashioned sugar-in whatever form in whatever form it can find. When it comes to a yeast free diet, fruit, honey, molasses, maple syrup and alcoholic beverages, all of which contain sugar, are a big no-no. Lactose, which is also a kind of sugar, must be avoided, which means many dairy products wind up on the "do not touch" list. Butter, however, can be used, as can eggs.

Yeast free diets also eliminate seeds, at least initially. Seeds and nuts are difficult for the body to digest, so when you are beginning a yeast free diet, get rid of seeds and nuts. You can add them back into your diet later, one at a time and on a trial basis to see how well they are tolerated.

It might seem commonsensical, but you'd be surprised how many people inadvertently consume foods with yeast when they are trying to maintain a yeast free diet. Avoid vinegar, mushrooms, breads made with yeast, beer and wine and anything using brewer's yeast.

Shopping Tips
Once you get the hang of shopping for a yeast free diet, you'll find it's pretty simple. Each section of the store has its do's and don'ts:

  • Produce: Avoid the fruits and enjoy the veggies.
  • Meats: Stay away from processed and ground and stick with lean fresh meats, poultry and fish. Avoid pork, breaded meats and pickled meats.
  • Dairy: Pick up your butter and eggs and then get out of there.
  • Grains: Choose brown rice and whole grains.
  • Frozen: You can get away with picking up some veggies for soups, but try to stick with fresh foods instead.
  • Condiments: Stick with olive oil, herbs and spices.

Learn the principles of a yeast free diet and keep fresh goodies in the house to snack on and cook with and you'll soon adjust to a healthy, yeast-free way of life.

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