Keeping a positive attitude during stressful times


It is not easy to keep a positive attitude, although the benefits are compounded down the road. Be assured that circumstances can change swiftly. A good attitude keeps your mind and body healthy. When things happen beyond your control, take a deep breath before you react. Realize that we are all human and capable of mistakes. Try to find some humor in the experience. Laughter releases stress and is contagious. You can affect others around you with a positive outlook. Although, you may not be able to control what is happening around you, you can control how this attitude affects your emotions. Negative or unpleasant circumstances can be ignored. You can be selective in what you allow to influence your attitude.

Having a spiritual foundation is a great way to fuel your positive attitude. It offers a refreshing rejuvenation to a bad attitude.Even when things are sobering and  you do not feel the positive energy, it is to your advantage to remain calm and say nothing. How you cope with stress is usually passed down from parents, modeling this behavior in front of offspring. It is never too late to change bad attitudes and adopt positive outlooks.

Attitude is everything. Even when there are disappointments and negative outcomes, having a positive attitude, seems to allow life to quickly flow again. Having a positive attitude, even affects your body and it's ability to heal and stay healthy. Doctors can assist with physical health, but have a difficult time affecting the mental attitude of a patient. Jobs have been taken from those with bad attitudes and replaced with those who have positive attitudes. Employers will often give a questionnaire, during the hiring process to weed out people with negative attitudes. People enjoy being around people with positive attitudes. We should all put effort into keeping positive attitudes. Our world would definitely be a much more pleasant place.

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