How to Be Confident

Learning how to be confident starts by being aware of the internal tapes you play in your head that tell you you're lacking, aren't good enough or can't do anything right--or any other number of self-esteem defeating thoughts. These tips can help you get started on developing a stronger belief in yourself by reprogramming those messages and keeping your focus on more positive things.

Banish Negative Thinking
People with low self-confidence are used to talking down to themselves. Sometimes, when you make a mistake, you'll engage in a mental lecture over the mishap. Enough negative thoughts translate into a negative attitude-one of the top reasons for low self-esteem. Instead of falling into a pattern of self-depreciation after an event, use positive forms of expression to boost morale and give yourself an opportunity to try again next time.

Recognize Your Worth
People who are confident love many things about themselves-not necessarily in an egotistical way. You also have talents and characteristics that are above average, whether it's a winning smile or a real way with words. Make a list, either physical or mental, of the things you are best at, the attributes people compliment you on and any awards, recognitions or skills that you have. Don't forget about intangible things like patience, organization and sense of humor. Once you get a list of confidence boosters that you can feel proud of, your self-confidence will grow.

Emulate Role Models
Study confident people to see what it is they do to make them seem confident. Whether it's a co-worker, boss or community leader, evaluate their mannerisms and how they handle situations for a real confidence booster. These attributes can include how they walk into a room, shake hands with people, seem to listen to others, stay calm in a crisis and even accept criticism and praise. Pay attention to posture, mannerisms, dress, grooming and eye contact-all characteristics of how to be confident. Work on both physical and emotional confidence by patterning your interactions and communications on someone you really admire.

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