Creativity Exercises for Innovative Thinking

Creativity exercises help us tap into our inner resources when accessing our innate creative abilities seems difficult or we feel blocked. For those who are interested in honing their creative abilities, creativity training can provide more in-depth exercises and techniques.

Stress and fatigue have an adverse on creative thinking along with poor health, bad eating habits and lack of exercise. If the body is not maintained, the creative portion of the brain will not function at its best.
Simply relaxing, taking a long walk, meditating or listening to mellow music is a way to exercise the body and mind. These methods combined with interesting exercises will allow the creative juices to flow more easily.

Brainstorming allows a group of people to generate ideas stemming from one basic idea. The session is free form with no right or wrong, no editing of what is suggested, just creative ideas being put forth with no strings attached.

Mind storming
Mind storming is an individual exercise. Select one idea and write it down then add at least 20 more ideas building from the original. Let the ideas flow freely. Once the list is complete, go over the list and select the one idea that feels right. To repeat the exercise, take the newly selected idea, write it down and begin another list.

Doodling is the simplest exercise to do. It requires nothing more than a piece of paper and writing or drawing tool. There are no rules, no right or wrong with doodling. It is a completely free expression of creativity with no boundaries, no set ideas and no expectations. Do the exercise for 20 minutes. Do it again but this time with a specific idea of what to doodle.

Out of the Box Method
Out of the box method is an exercise in changing the way things are viewed. Step inside a box; stand for a few moments reflecting on who you are and how you think, at that moment. Take a deep breath and step outside the box leaving your ideas inside the box leaving you free to open yourself up to new ways of thinking and new ideas you might not normally entertain. The out of the box method allows freedom of experiencing new thoughts without constricted by the thoughts and ideas left inside the box.

Warm Water Therapy
Warm water therapy is not only soothing, but also a way to clear the mind and focus on only one thing at a time. Stand in the shower with your back to the shower under water that is at a comfortable hot temperature with a steady stream. Allow the water to soak your head then move down to each section of the back including the shoulders, buttocks, legs all the way down to your feet. While the water is concentrated in one area, allow the muscles to relax and think only about how the water feels on that one area. Block out any other thoughts and focus on the water. Do this for each area of the body then turn and allow the water to relax the muscles on the front of the body while you concentrate on the sensations.

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