Self Hypnosis Techniques for Beginners

Self hypnosis techniques most often begin with learning how to relax. Without achieving this phase of the hypnosis process, you cannot attain your hypnosis goals.

The Steps To Relaxation
1. Find a trigger word. Your trigger word should mean relaxation to you. Try to use a familiar word such as "sunshine" or "beach." You could also try a place, like an island you once visited, or a place you frequently visit, such as the hammock in the backyard.

2. Deep breathing is the next step in learning to relax. You'll need to learn to breathe with your stomach and not your chest. Deep breathing techniques can be performed as a precursor to sleep, which is also a great time to practice self hypnosis techniques.

3. Once you have deep breathing in place, visualize yourself relaxing. Start at your toes, and work your way all the way up to the top of your head.

4. The last step is learning to relax your muscles, one at a time, until your entire body is relaxed and you feel limp.

Self Hypnosis Practice
The best way to learn self hypnosis is practice. Perfection takes time and commitment. Without practice, you will never be able to perfect the technique, and, until you perfect deep breathing and relaxation methods, you will never achieve your desired goal. A good starting place for practicing deep breathing techniques is bedtime. If possible, wear an eye mask to prevent light from interfering with your self-hypnosis techniques. (Some people find the eye mask a distraction.) Take deep breaths, and count from 1 to 7 as you inhale and then 7 to 1 as you exhale. This technique will teach you how to block out white noise and other stimuli. Continue doing this until you reach the moment just before you fall asleep.

A good relaxation process and self-hypnosis time frame is about 15 to 20 minutes. Ideally, after hypnosis you should fall asleep. You may remember your thoughts the next morning but not be sure whether you are remembering a dream or if it was reality. During this dreamlike state, it's possible to talk yourself into some important changes in your life. Through the power of suggestion, you may wish to change your attitude about work or about your finances.

Hypnosis Tapes
You may want to invest in some hypnosis tapes because they can help guide you through the relaxation process. Hypnosis tapes may be any type of soothing music or natural sounds, such as the calming sound of water or nature. Once you have found a way to relax fully, you may want to purchase additional tapes in which a trained professional hypnotist's voice lulls you into a dreamlike state. As soon as you become accustomed to his voice, he can be instrumental in helping you discover whatever it is you hope to discover while under hypnosis.

The Power Of Suggestion
As you learn to relax, you will also learn how to block out negative thoughts and focus on positive change. Insert positive images into your work experience, or visualize your finances growing rather than shrinking. Working on solving problems while in a state of relaxation can help you find new ways to overcome your challenges.

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If you want to know how hypnosis works, keep in mind that it isn't all about guys waving a pendulum in front of your face. It is actually about putting your own powers of suggestion to work.

By following this advice for self hypnosis instruction, you can achieve a state of powerful relaxation that can transform your life.

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