Self Motivation Tips

The following self-motivation tips will help you remain on track as you strive to make self-improvement changes or meet goals. Motivation theory states that motivation is comprised of several converging factors: emotional investment, expectation, fear, anticipation, regret and hope. The key to remaining motivated is to stimulate these various motivating emotions and to remain focused on the desired goal. Check out these tried and true self-motivation tips:

Seek Accountability
One of the best ways to stay on the wagon through tick and thin is to invest financially and time-wise in an accountability program. If you're trying to lose weight, join a weight-loss program. If you're trying to quit smoking, join a support group. If you're trying to get up earlier, ask your spouse or roommate to do it with you. Find a partner or a group that will hold you accountable and ride the tide along with you.

Be Reasonable
Set attainable goals at easy-to-achieve increments. If you're determined to become a runner, start out alternating walking and running, walking for a minute and a half and running for 30 seconds. Does that sound way too easy? Good!  After you've done that for a week, challenge yourself to walk for one minute and run for one minute.  A week or two later, move it up to walking for 30 seconds and running for 90 seconds. Move slowly, celebrate every victory and inch your way to success.

Reward Yourself
Celebrate even the tiny victories. Set rewards for small goals and big goals, and whoop it up every time you meet a goal.

Remain Focused
Drop any other self improvement plans and focus on the one goal that matters most. Don't let anything else compete with your focus and determination. You'll have to work hard to make this change, so give it your all for at least 30, if not 60 days.

Educate Yourself
Read up on your goal, listen to books on audio about it, go to group seminars or meetings discussing the topic and watch shows on television about it. Talk to your friends, asking them if they have had success in this area of life. Immerse yourself in the subject.

Go Visual
Post pictures or reminder words that help you stay on track as you pursue your goal.

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