Why Is Self-Discipline Important?

One of the primary requirements to achieving goals is self-discipline. This vital characteristic enables people to persevere. Why is self-discipline important? Without it, everyone would give in to every temptation and achieve nothing.

What is self-discipline?

Self-discipline is closely related to willpower. Without it, you would be lazy, indulge only in fun activities, procrastinate on a regular basis and deny yourself nothing. Self-discipline is your inner strength that differentiates between what you would like to do and what actually should be done. Self-discipline prevents you from giving in to impulses.

Achieving success

You might think that self-discipline limits your behavior and restricts your lifestyle, but everyone needs to practice a certain amount of self-discipline. Without self-discipline and willpower, nobody would start anything or would give up after one failure or setback. Without self-discipline, Michelangelo would never have painted the Sistine Chapel, and Leo Tolstoy wouldn't have finished War and Peace. Without self-discipline, no one would have confidence or self-esteem.

Why is self-discipline important?

Just imagine a life without willpower or control. You wouldn't:

  • Learn how to walk, talk, get an education or learn any type of sport. You would be little more than a vegetable.
  • Get out of bed, take a shower and go to work, or take care of things around the house. The result would be that you would have no money and be living in dirt and grime.
  • Start a project or see it through after the first enthusiasm wears off. You wouldn't know satisfaction.
  • Fulfill a promise you make to yourself or to others. You would be unreliable.
  • Know when to stop eating or drinking. You would become sick or fat, or have addiction problems.

Learning self-discipline

Few people are born with self-discipline; it's a skill that must be learned. If you'd like to encourage yourself to show more self-discipline, start by making a list of what you need to do and why you're putting off the task. Compare how you feel when you discipline yourself to do something and what kind of an effect procrastinating has on you. For instance, you want to go for a walk, but you remain sitting in front of the TV instead. You know that a walk will give you exercise and refresh your mind while sitting for hours will only make you feel more sluggish.

Rule or be ruled

How you react to a choice determines whether you take control of your life or you are being controlled. When faced with a choice, you can either take action or procrastinate. Doing the right thing will not make your life boring; on the contrary, it won't be long before being in control will make you feel happy and satisfied. With time and practice, decisions are easier to make, taking initiative becomes a habit and with every action your inner strength grows.

Easy exercises

Start with small things.

  • Instead of reading gossip magazines, do the newspaper crossword puzzle.
  • Cut down on coffee and sugar.
  • Do the dishes after dinner instead of letting them sit in the sink.
  • Start something, anything, and finish it.

Why is self-discipline important? Because using it makes a better you. By not shying away from tasks, you gain confidence, overcome shyness and grow out of weakness. With every accomplishment, you're resisting temptation and gaining inner strength.

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