Making Public Speaking and Speech Enjoyable and Fun for Teenagers

Usually, when the average American teen thinks about public speaking, they imagine a dull, memorized, palms sweating, nightmare-come-true kind of experience. It is no surprise. Public speaking is usually named as one of the public?'s greatest fears. It even occasionally wins out over death and contagious diseases. The good news for teenagers is that over the years, public speaking has evolved into a competitive, intelligent, and even humorous sport. 

There are many different types of public speaking that a teenager can enjoy. Public speaking and competitive speech in high school can give even more reserved teens a boost of confidence. Learning the principles of public speaking can help teenagers improve their organization and writing skills. Competitive public speaking and speech builds team camaraderie and cooperation. Listed below are some fun and enjoyable types of speech that every teenager will enjoy.

Story Telling
Story telling is a type of public speaking that appeals to a very wide range of people. Who hasn?'t heard a great story and who doesn?'t have a great story to tell? Competitive story telling is a very entertaining and fun to see and hear! Teenagers can practice this comfortable public speaking everyday. Encourage practice by having your teenager read from some of their favorite children?'s stories.

Poetry Reading
Most teenagers have little interest in poetry, but simply reading and reciting poetry teaches teens to recognize rhythm in words and sounds. They can practice different vocal cadences to find their most effective speaking voice.

Impromptu Speech
Impromptu speakers get a topic and have only minutes to prepare to speak. Skilled impromptu speakers can present well-organized and interesting speeches with minimal preparation. Impromptu speaking can be fun and humorous with topics like super-heroes, animals, pop culture, and music.

Original Oratory
Original oratorical speeches are written by the teen and can be about whatever topic they wish. Original oratory gives teenagers the opportunity to speak about what is important to them. Some teens may wish to speak about a problem and then tell the audience what they believe the ideal solution is. This type of public speaking encourages teenagers to learn to speak with passion and conviction.

There are three different types of interpretations: humorous, dramatic, and duo. Interpretations are speeches adapted from published material. They can be adaptations of books, movies, famous speeches, and plays. Humorous interpretations are fun and ironic speeches aimed at making the audience laugh. Dramatic interpretations are more serious and can display a myriad of emotions like fear, depression, and pain. Duo interpretations are presented by two teens and can be either humorous or dramatic. Duo interpretation promotes cooperation, and can be helpful to students who are still nervous presenting alone.

Presenting a speech of any kind in public can be a nerve-racking experience for any inexperienced teenager. Teaching teenagers how to make public speaking a positive experience can make their high school homework and projects easier to manage. Teenagers can enjoy a variety of relevant, fun, and interesting types of public speaking on both a personal and competitive level. Speaking in public should never be fearful, but a comfortable outlet for teenagers to express themselves in a positive way and have fun. Most high schools offer public speaking or speech as an elective credit.  

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