Easy Public Speaking Exercises

Public speaking exercises simply refers to whatever approach you need to practice speaking in public. There are public speaking courses you can take to help gather some tips and experience, or you can work on it at home. However you do it, public speaking exercises can help improve your overall speaking skills as well as help alleviate public speaking fears.

Memorize and Repeat
The easiest public speaking exercise is to memorize and repeat. Find a short speech and memorize it. Depending on your skill, this can be a simple speech from a textbook or an elaborate speech by a world leader. Gather your family around and give the speech to them. Then ask for honest feedback about your delivery.

A true public speaking exercise needs to be more than just repeating a speech, though. You need to deliver the speech as it was meant to be delivered. You need to capture the right tone and truly give the speech. To do this there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Eye contact: It's important to look up and maintain eye contact with your audience when you give a public speech. Maintaining eye contact automatically delivers your voice straight out and into the audience, instead of down and into the ground.
  • Volume and speed: You need to speak loudly and clearly to deliver a good public speech. Nobody wants to listen to something they cannot hear or understand. Make sure to keep your pace at a medium rate, not too slow and not too fast.
  • Tone and inflection: Ignoring the tone of your voice or forgetting to make inflections on certain words makes for a very dull speech. Help make your speech interesting and fun by making it sound interesting and fun.

Public Speaking Groups
A great place to find many public speaking exercises, as well as public speaking courses, is in your community. Many areas have local public speaking classes that can be taken for a small fee. You can also look around, either locally or online, for a chapter of "Toastmasters International," a public speaking group that offers classes.

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These tips on public speaking are great for novice public speakers as well as an excellent refresher for accomplished speakers working with new material or a new audience.

Overcoming fear of public speaking might seem impossible, but you can learn how to set that panic aside and deliver a wonderful public performance.

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