Proven Public Speaking Topics

There are many public speaking topics that have proved popular over the years. Some subjects just lend themselves better to public speaking than others. Subjects that are controversial, for example, may not always be liked, but they do tend to be popular. Other subjects remain popular without the risk of offending people. These are the true proven public speaking topics that work.

The Environment
The environment is always an interesting choice with a huge assortment of small debates. It contains a large enough general category that there's endless information for research. The topic almost always gathers public interest. It's also a relatively safe topic that has less chance of offending people than a full-on political speech would.

Patriotism is a safe topic that most people can relate to, regardless if the subject is local or national pride. A speech on patriotism can include a history of the source of your pride. It can also digress into other subjects, such as honoring veterans.

Personal Health

This is a topic any person of any age can relate to. It's completely non-offensive and can be presented in many different ways. You can speak about something as general as the importance of maintaining good health or something as specific as how to prevent a sunburn.

Respecting Your Elders
Respect for the older generation is a great topic with which most people will agree. This can include aspects of honoring your parents and grandparents, as well as respect for your elders in general.

The history of something silly is a wonderful subject for giving a non-offensive and amusing speech. Pick something that the average person may not know much about, such as the history of bubblegum or ceramic garden gnomes. This will keep your speech light and interesting to people of any age.

Religion is always a hot topic, but one with which it is easy to offend people. If you want to go with this proven subject, tread lightly. Make sure to stay as objective as possible and try to keep your personal beliefs to yourself. You should also try to stay as positive as possible to prevent possible offense.

Sports topics are a tossup when it comes to popularity. A public speech about sports can really hit or really miss. However, in the right situation with the right audience, it can be a popular speaking topic.

A crazy family is the sort of topic anyone can relate to. It's non-offensive and fun, assuming you get your family's permission to make fun on them! This is the sort of subject that really teaches people nothing, but keeps them well entertained.

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These tips on public speaking are great for novice public speakers as well as an excellent refresher for accomplished speakers working with new material or a new audience.

Overcoming fear of public speaking might seem impossible, but you can learn how to set that panic aside and deliver a wonderful public performance.

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