Reinvent and Reemerge Better Than Ever : Advice for women age 50+

Through a technique of reinvention, women age 50+ are becoming the women they want to be ? attractive, assertive, interesting and successful. They find or rekindle romance, learn to paint or play tennis, knit or sew, dance or write. Whatever they imagine they become.

How you ask? Good question. Obviously these women will never be twenty again and most wouldn?'t want to be. They have grown children, grandchildren and aging parents. Many are no longer thin, although their hair may be. They sag in places they never even knew they had. So you are wondering how a program of reinvention will help after all no amount of imagination is going to change what they see in the mirror.

Wrong. These women have learned that not liking what they saw in the mirror was only the first step. The second is to break that old mirror. Next find a nice quiet place to be alone and get to work. With paper and pencil in hand sit back and relax and learn the wonderful art of revisualization.

Here?'s what you do, once your comfy, close your eyes. Visualize yourself as the woman you want to become. Note though that this woman is not 20, 30 or even 40. She?'s you only better. Take a closer look ? what are you wearing? Is your hair long or short, colored or natural? See yourself smiling and happy, confident and content.

Okay open your eyes and write down everything you just visualized, clothes, jewelry, hair, make-up the whole works. What are you doing?  Are you alone or with someone? Have you started a new career or developed a new hobby? Now write down what you like about this imaginary woman. Write as much detail as you can. Finally write down what you think others would like about her, remember no detail is too small or insignificant.

Here comes the fun part - take time to read your inventory truly absorb it. Believe it or not you have just created a blueprint of the person you will become. Make an itemized list of the things you can change immediately and change them. Make another list of the things that will take longer and create a timeline in which to accomplish them.

Along the way, don?'t forget to take time to revisit your initial visualization it is your yardstick for success. Each time you do new elements will be revealed to you that you may choose to incorporate into your blueprint and timeline.

Finally, congratulate yourself, you have reinvented yourself and reemerged as the woman you wanted to become.

Now go out and buy a new mirror.

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