The Types of Anger

Understanding the types of anger and how they affect you is key if you want to manage your emotions. Once you can identify the type of anger you're experiencing, you can take the right steps to work through your issues. The following are just some of the many different types of anger you can experience.

Chronic Anger
One of the most dangerous and emotionally draining angers is chronic anger. If you experience this, then you often feel near-constant anger, frustration or resentment towards the people around you. Anger does not come in waves or in different degrees. Instead, you feel the same level of anger no matter if you stubbed your toe or got cut off while driving. This kind of anger is dangerous because it can lead you to hurt yourself or others. If you feel angry every single day, it may be time to look into some anger management programs.

Passive-Aggressive Anger
Passive-aggressive anger is when you express anger through small actions or indirectly through things like sarcasm. If this is the case, you may show you are angry at your spouse by burning their dinner or by being late to pick him or her up from work. This anger is not productive because it does little to change a situation or relationship.

Self-Inflicted Anger
Self-inflicted anger is when you take your emotions and direct them back on yourself. Thus, you believe everything is your fault. Folks who experience this form of anger often battle with things like eating disorders, self-inflicted injuries and poor self esteem. Similarly, judgmental anger is when you take your anger and direct it towards other people. For example, you may criticize what other people wear, how they act and what they do as a means of coping with your emotions.

Righteous Anger
Not all anger is bad. For example, righteous or constructive anger is when you use your emotions to make a change in your community or life. For example, you may start volunteering at a domestic abuse shelter or may join marches or protests linked to things about which you are passionate. If you feel as if the world is against you, you may work that much harder at your job or school. 

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